Questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of becoming a model

Have you been mulling over the possibility of becoming a model? Are you thinking of joining an agency such as Models Direct and 2023 might be just the time?

Well, if so, you have probably been asking yourself lots of questions.

Here are just some of those questions and the answers:

Q: Could I become a model?

A: If you are confident enough to step out in front of a camera, sociable enough to enjoy spending time with other people, and happy to follow instructions, then yes! At Models Direct not only do we believe in diversity and inclusion, and that everyone who wants the opportunity to try modelling should be able to, but we also receieve requests from clients for models of all ages and appearances.

Q: How much training do I need to become a model?

A: No training is required to become a model. As long as you are self-assured and are prepared to listen carefully and do what the assignment director asks you to do, then you can learn on the job. Of course the longer you are involved in modelling, the easier it will become, but everyone has to start somewhere and, as long as you are willing to learn, then others in the industry will be happy to teach you.

Q: What do I need to look like to become a model?

A: You need to look like yourself! Modelling is very often about playing the parts of “real people” as they go about their everyday lives. We therefore need “everyday” models to act as these real people. Advertisers and marketing professionals are trying to sell their products to you and me – they therefore need to have models who look like you and me so we can identify with them.

Q: How can I get into modelling?

A: Join a good, reputable, trustworthy agency such as Models Direct. Not only do we have more than 30 years’ experience in the modelling industry but we are also a fully registered and accredited employment agency. Many individuals and companies out there who claim to be agencies are not – and this means they do not always adhere to government regulations and standards.

Q: Will I enjoy modelling?

A: Most of our models have the time of their lives. Read about some of their experiences here. You never know whether you will enjoy it until you give it a go. So, browse our website, find out more about what we do and what our models think and then decide whether you would like to join us.