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You favourite modelling agency continues to develop and evolve, riding with the times to bring all our talent the best chance to score the perfect modelling jobs.

One of the enhancements we’ve made to our business has been the addition of our very own Models Direct channel on YouTube. ModelsDirectTV is in full flow, with hundreds of eager subscribers keen to know up-to-date reviews and general information on one of the most visited social media platforms around.

Even those who generally shun social media will be familiar with YouTube (at least with the name, anyway!). And if you don’t normally have a look on YouTube, it’s well worth spending a few minutes with which to become acquainted. It may surprise you, and there’ll be no harm done. Don’t worry – YouTube won’t bite!

Since 2005, YouTube has been the preferred online video platform for millions of people throughout the world. When the word really got out, the number of YouTube’s regular users increased massively. Now, there are approximately 2.5 billion users. On average, a visitor spends just shy of 15 minutes on YouTube every day, whether it’s for entertainment or education.

Models Direct on You Tube

Educational, you say? Yep! In fact, the wealth of knowledge that can be gained by viewing videos on YouTube cannot be underestimated; just think of the amount of training videos or user guides for various products that can be seen first-hand instead of ploughing through a tedious set of instructions. Bought a new vacuum? Yep, but there’s a glitch in the filter…hmm, what would a lot of you do about it, even assuming you haven’t dispatched the instruction book to the nearest bin? Thousands would make YouTube their first port of call, as the range of videos on this most versatile of platforms is really quite astonishing. It’s not all about music and amusing distractions. YouTube is a winning formula, and it’s useful.

Reading our considerable list of model reviews is both relevant and reassuring, but many of you may prefer to hear all about them on at ModelsDirectTV. We post them to keep our business current, and they help to raise awareness throughout the modelling community. We use YouTube to back up our promises of model safety, and to reiterate that we actually manage your assignments – that is, we book the day, time and location, as well as organise travel arrangements. We also use the platform to emphasize we collect the very best fees for all our talent – whether they be models, singers, dancers, musicians or actors. We were successful even before YouTube first arrived on the scene, and now it helps us and our models achieve the results we expect. It’s a valuable tool for a lot of businesses, and we make full use of it.

Just as we’re an all-inclusive agency, YouTube is a complete platform for anyone with the desire to know more about us. By all means ring our booking team at MD HQ or browse our website for a comprehensive lowdown on every aspect of commercial modelling, but ModelsDirectTV on YouTube could be your preferred source of information, Q&As and reviews.

Either way, stick with us and you’ll be in the best hands to watch your modelling career blossom.