Models, we need you to tell us your measurements….

Yes, it’s time take out the tape measure, check your shoe size and let us know how tall you are…

Those who already have e-portfolios with us and have accepted assignments will have already logged into their e-portfolios and filled in their measurements.

But, even so, perhaps it is time to check they are still up to date.

Others, who are considering joining us should take their measurements and once they have created an account with Models Direct, they need to fill in these details too.

And mums and dads of junior models, we aren’t letting you off the hook! We need to know how much your little ones have grown since you last refreshed their e-portfolios.

We have work for a range of models of all ages, heights, weights and body shapes – but to best match you with assignments, we need you to give us your measurements.

So where do you start? How do you take you measurements?

What size are your feet?

*Adult models, you should know your shoe size, if not then ask to be measured in a shoe shop.

*Parents of child models, please make a note of their shoe size every time you buy them new shoes, and make sure you update their e-portfolios if it has changed.

How tall are you?

*Again, adults this should not change but please do ask someone to measure you to make sure you can give us your exact height.

*Mums and dads, measure your babies as soon as they can stand. Then repeat the exercise every couple of months.

*Invest in a height chart or choose a space on a wall at home that you are happy to make marks on, then measure it with a tape measure. Children need to be standing upright, looking straight out ahead, and with their heels, bottoms and shoulders against the wall.

*Lie something horizontal, like a ruler, on the tops of their heads and make a mark at the right angle with the wall.

*Adults, you can follow this method too or use a height-measuring app.

What is your dress size?

*Many of us go up and down in our dress sizes, so treat yourself to an afternoon out, trying on different clothes in a range of outlets to get an accurate idea of yours.

*Remember, dress sizes can vary between shops so you will need to visit a few to get an average.

How much do you weigh?

*Invest in a good set of electronic scales and weigh yourself just once a week if you are an adult.

*Children can be weighed less frequently, perhaps every three months.

*Try to weigh yourself at the same time of day and when you are just wearing your underwear.

*Our weights do fluctuate a little, but if you notice a prolonged or significant change, please do update your e-portfolio.

*Mums and dads, of course your child’s weight will increase over time.

What are your body measurements?

*Again, this measurement is best carried out when you are wearing your underwear.

*Take each measurement twice so you can check it and do not use an elastic tape measure.

*Measure right around your head at the widest part of your forehead to gain your head measurement.

*Measure the widest part of your bust and the narrowest part of your waist for these stats.

*Put your feet together and measure the widest point around your bottom to get your hip measurement.

*Ask someone to measure from your ankle to your waist for your outside leg and from the ankle to the crotch for your inside leg.

Remember, your point of contact at Models Direct can always explain more when they first make contact with you after you sign up.

And if you have any problems once you get started, they will be there for you on the end of the phone.