Influencers – we need you!

We’re all influenced in one way or another, even if we don’t think we are. That’s the beauty of a well-scripted marketing campaign – something that thousands of our models know from working with our fantastic brands.

Many people dream of aspiring to be influencers. Fortunately for readers, the modelling world is one of the best sectors to achieve success. Fashion and trends constantly “do the rounds”, so there is usually something new for influencers to capture the imagination of their followers.

Some of you might be excited about the world of influencing without knowing precisely what you need to become an influencer. You’ll need persistence, confidence, knowledge and a whole load of social media acumen. Like most things in life, becoming an influential influencer doesn’t happen overnight. Hard work does pay off, and you may have to regroup and carry on in the first few weeks if your expectations are not realised.

Influencers usually have a stellar presence on social media. They are broadly defined as anyone with a particular skill set or knowledge in any given field, with people following their posts. These posts could come in the form of recommendations, advice or general information. Because brands know that many of their customers (or potential customer base) will respect what influencers convey on social media platforms, many will engage with influencers to promote their business. Obviously, influencers are a business themselves, so this comes at a cost for the brand, but it’s often an effective way of targeting customers with similar interests and tastes.

At the highest level, a lot of successful influencers are celebrities. We’re not advocating that all influencers need to be famous – but you never know, if the number of your followers increase and brands take notice, you could end up as one!

If you want to try your hand at becoming an influencer, we’d like to hear from you. If you have a loyal following on social media, this is a great start. You don’t even have to be posting about commercial modelling per se. But if commercial modelling and branding in the modelling world particularly appeals to you, we want to hear from you.

If you’ve registered with us already, you’ll know that you’re on the books of the most successful commercial modelling agency in the country. This is the best start you can have. Tell us about your interests and passions, and to which social media pages you contribute. We’ll be more than happy to include your social media activity in your Models Direct eportfolio. This will in turn generate more brand awareness in your modelling posts, and could be a key part in your influencer progress.

As a progressive company, we’ve been encouraging our models to showcase their talents in any way they can. Whether it’s through updating portfolios, telling us about their modelling experiences or becoming one of our guest bloggers, it’s important to keep things fresh and not to become stale.

Showing off your social media activity and adding it to your portfolios can – and does – attract the attention of influential brands. You don’t have to be globally famous to become an influencer. You just need to be in the right hands at the right time, and it starts by collaborating with the UK’s leading commercial modelling agency.