What Modelling Opportunities Exsist In Your Local Area?

While many of our models do like to travel across the UK, and even internationally, the beauty of working with Models Direct is that you can also stay close to home.

We believe in promoting our models in their local area – as well as further afield if they wish – making it easier for them to fit assignments in around the rest of their lives.

We understand that many of those taking on modelling work actually have other full or part-time jobs, as well as families to look after and other commitments.

And while it might be exciting to travel, there are occasions where modelling close to where you live and work can be much more conducive to your lifestyle.

At Models Direct, we find all sorts of modelling opportunities for those signed up with us – this includes working with both large and small businesses.

There may be occasions where major brands just happen to want to conduct a photo shoot in your locality, for example.

Or it might be that a smaller client is based in your area and therefore it makes sense to send local models.

Either way, we are constantly on the lookout for potential new clients, contracts and assignments where you live as well, as where you are prepared to travel to.

But, it doesn’t have to be completely down to us – there is no reason why you also shouldn’t keep an eye out for assignments in your area too.

As your agent, we can then step in to ensure the work is genuine and everything is as you expect it to be – and that you get the best possible fee.

We will manage the booking from start to finish, making sure you are safe, looked after and happy to take part in it.

We will then ensure you are paid on time once the assignment is completed.

If you are eager to work locally, however, these are the steps you could take:

1.     Keep an eye out for local advertisements and notices for models – then contact us.

2.     Let us know if you hear of any local photographers or businesses who might be seeking models in the future – again, we can step in on your behalf.

3.     Follow the social media for any local fashion brands, other businesses and photographers in your area and tell us if anything is posted suggesting they might be about to conduct a photo or fashion shoot.

4.     Talk to other models in your local area to get a handle on where opportunities might crop up and ask them to let you know if they hear about anything.

5.     Let families, friends and colleagues know you are interested in any potential modelling opportunities and ask them to spread the word too.

By working with Models Direct in this way, you could end up with the best of all worlds – exciting work, extra income and not having to travel far from home.