Guide to teen modelling

Teenagers are one of our most popular types of models.

As they tend to change their looks and personality more often than most other age groups, the diversity of talent is just what our clients need. A teenager’s facial features, height and cultural trends can change over a short time. Teen like to explore new fads and experiment, and brands know this.

We’ve offered thousands of modelling assignments to teenagers over the years. In fact, when we started Models Direct in 1990, teenagers were critical to our success, with successful companies choosing a range of 13-17 years olds to help expand their commercial status. To date, our catalogue of teenagers has never looked healthier. It’s unsurprising: they remain a vital cog for us and our clients.

Why the popularity? The demand is consistent with the huge number of campaigns intended to appeal to like-minded teenagers. Not all marketing campaigns are commercial, although for-profit businesses evidently use teen models constantly. We’ve supplied teens for local councils and prestigious hair shows, as well as multi-million pound companies. Whatever works for the client, we’ll make sure they have the ideal teen models to pick from – it’s what we do best.

portrait of boy with skateboard on his shoulder

Many of our teen models enjoy the freedom of modelling. We appreciate that most teens will work around strict school schedules. Many will love to accept a modelling job but refuse because of social events, holidays, sports commitments. That’s understandable. We don’t judge any models – teenager or otherwise – if they refuse an assignment from us. Our booking team simply tries to secure another suitable job in the future.

We know that some jobs can be quite daunting to teenagers – even for those who have that all-important confidence required to put their best attributes across in front of a camera. Teens can be inquisitive and determined in equal measure, and we’re always on the end of the phone if parents or teens themselves have any questions. We stress that safety is paramount, so we insist on all teens being chaperoned on all assignments – even if it’s just a five minute journey from their home.

Our application process is easy and stress-free. We highlight that a parent or guardian must give their consent, and submitting photos to us is equally straightforward: just two clear headshot images using a Smartphone is sufficient.

After that, we ask all our models to create an online e-portfolio. All information is stored safely, with clients viewing information only when we put models forward for jobs.

It’s an exciting time to become a teen model. The rise in demand is evident because we’ve seen an increase in teens enjoying diverse modelling work with our eclectic range of clients. Plus, there isn’t a specific “teen look” that appeals to clients. We’ve placed tall, petite, plus sized and fitness teenagers in all sorts of jobs around the UK. Modelling is a viable part-time activity for any teen.

The world of commercial modelling is thrilling for teens, with healthy pay cheques presented within 5 days of the end of the job.

Read some of our teen success stories and ask yourself: if they have been there and done it, why can’t I?