What experience do I need to become a model?

The short answer is none!

Everyone has to start somewhere and therefore at Models Direct we are always taking on new models of all ages and backgrounds who have absolutely no previous modelling experience at all.

Furthermore, many of our clients are looking for “everyday” models who look like normal members of the public.

And this means they are often therefore very happy to use those who are new to the business.

Those who are just starting out in modelling often have a very natural air about them when stepping into the role of another “everyday” person.

They are also usually eager to learn and receptive to being given instructions as to how to look and behave.

So, what qualities do I need to become a model?

Well, this is important as not everyone is suited to modelling, either as a hobby or pastime or as a full-time job.

Firstly, you have to be confident and self-assured in your ability to step out in front of a camera and to listen to and follow instructions from whoever is directing the shoot.

And you have to be able to interact comfortably with other people of all ages and backgrounds because you will be working closely with other models as well as members of the production crew.

What kinds of previous experience could help me to become a model?

While it certainly isn’t necessary to have any previous modelling experience, please do tell us if you have worked as a model before.

It is true that for many assignments, clients don’t require experience – but for others it could be very helpful.

So, we do ask you to tell us about any jobs you have undertaken that are relevant and once you have joined us we need you to keep your e-portfolio up to date with your experience.

If you have previous acting experience, this can also be a great bonus. After all, most modelling jobs require a certain degree of acting or pretending to be someone else.

Likewise, if you have ever performed in any other way before, perhaps as a musician, dancer or sportsperson, then tell us…

Then we know you have a certain level of confidence, poise and ability to work with others on stage or in front of the camera.

Attractive Indian woman wearing striped shirt holding her cute little daughter on arms and taking selfie on smartphone while spending summer day at home

But none of this previous experience is essential at all if you have the right qualities – we just want you to be yourself!

How do child models gain experience?

The same way as everyone else, by joining a reputable agency such as Models Direct and accepting genuine, paid work if they are offered it.

Everyone starts modelling from a position of having absolutely no experience at all, especially our junior models.

We never guarantee any of our models that we will succeed in finding them work – as it is our clients who always have the final choice – but to be in with a chance you have to be registered.

When our clients come to us requesting a particular child model of a certain age and with specific looks, we go through our e-portfolios and present them with a suitable selection.

They then make the final choice.

Many of our child models have worked with us time and time again (read the reviews from their parents on our website) but they all started out never having modelled before.

So how do I become a model?

You don’t have to have experience to become a model – but you do have to make the right decision as to where to start.

In order to give yourself the best chance of succeeding you need to sign up with a trusted, reputable agency: a company that has strong relationships with the right clients.

Models Direct has more than 30 years’ experience within the industry and works with some of the biggest household names.

But, perhaps most importantly of all, you only have to read what those who have actually worked with us say about us.

Then you will realise just why models and clients return to us time and time again – and why those who started out with us discovered the experience they were hoping for.