Am I too old to model?

In a word: no. 

Age is never a barrier in commercial modelling. It’s an industry reliant on the diversity of marketing campaigns, meaning that brands always need models of various ages.

If you think you’re too old to be appreciated by our clients, you probably haven’t been up to speed with the range of jobs we offer. Several of them are tailored specifically for older models, which alone proves that you’re never too old to be a valuable asset.

Examples from last December include:

  • Male models aged 65-85 years for a commercial.
  • Male models aged 65-85 years for a video shoot.
  • Female model aged 55-85 years for a promo shoot.

These were all “live” jobs for registered Models Direct models. Clearly, our client’s briefs regularly call for older models – and without them the campaigns would be futile.

There are plenty of products on sale aimed at the older market. Add to these local council / UK government/NHS advertising, it’s easy to see why brands always need older models to get their point across.

Older folk tend to relate to real people, often rejecting hype and gimmicks. They put their trust into what they see or read when engaging with people of similar interests or ages. Call it being plain old fashioned – call it what you want – but older audiences have the life experience to know what they like and what appeals to them.

“Scare tactics” is a term often banded about. They may work for other demographics in certain media channels, but they’re not as favourable with older audiences. Older consumers like to feel safe and not brainwashed, preferring to be told facts by familiar people.

That’s not to say that older models only work in campaigns for older audiences. There’s a growing popularity of older people achieving almost cult status by appearing in clips and reels, often seen by millions of viewers. It’s not modelling, but it demonstrates that wider audiences are interested in what older generations can offer.

All older models need to have are realistic expectations, a professional outlook, and a dose of excitement. No experience – no problem. Like age itself, experience is no barrier also.

We have hundreds of trusted brands looking for more mature female and male models right now. The only way they’ll see what you have to offer them is byapplying to register with us.

Just think of what your friends and family would say if you got accepted for a modelling job by companies like Estée Lauder, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, or any of the other well-established brands.