Modelling in Your 50s

If embarking on a late-life adventure or trying out newfound hobbies in your golden years sounds like something that’s right up your street, then modelling could be just the thing to try if you’re in the 50-and-over club.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be the only one so no need to feel like this is some hair-brain idea we’re suggesting. Models Direct has been in the modelling industry for over thirty years, with a myriad of clients and thousands of models of varying ages, from newborn models to mature models.
There are a few reasons why senior modelling is a good hobby to take up aside from earning money. Here’s why:

Feeling of empowerment
Older models may feel more confident in themselves through their lived experiences which may show through their work. This may strike and encourage others to delve into modelling too.

Promoting personal growth
Gaining new skills doesn’t just apply to your younger self; it can happen at any stage in life. If you take up modelling, it will help you to continue gaining interpersonal skills (teamwork, motivation and responsibility), and set you to develop your personal growth.

Getting in touch with your creative side
Modelling can help you tap into your creativity by encouraging you to pose and create different looks and styles which you might not usually do.

Encouraging good health
Modelling isn’t about being stink thin, it’s about having a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. Great for your body and mind. It’ll keep you busy that’s for sure as we have seen our mature models take on international assignments as well as national ones.

New beginnings

Life is full of new opportunities and possibilities. No matter your age, you can learn something new every day and try out things that perhaps never came to you as a first thought or you were feeling hesitant about. Modelling could be one of those things!

Many people start this career in their 50s and beyond, whether they take it up as a hobby to pass the time or pursue it as a scaled part-time profession for supplementary income. Our modelling agency has seen that age diversity in the modelling industry is becoming more appreciated. Our agency embraces models of all ages. It’s one of the areas we have built our agency on – being a fair representation of the population and celebrating every single one of our models.

Modelling work for trailblazers (yes, you!)

Now, you might be thinking, why would an agency or client (like the many we have worked with – the NHS, Anchor, and Aviva) need the over-50s demographic to model for them? Don’t they want someone younger, and not a silver fox, which could be the typical scenario that runs through your mind? Well, this certainly is not the case and we’ll explain why.

A lot of clients request for everyday models, people like you and me, to market their products or services (or both!). This is a common vision we have seen in the industry. Many don’t look for a catwalk or runway model to flamboyantly strut their apparel on a platform with fashion critics and plenty of cameras and recording gear facing them. Times have changed.

Much of the modelling work we see focuses on lifestyle modelling, commercial modelling, catalogue modelling and promotional modelling which means regular people are more in demand. There are a lot more categories our agency has presented to us for our models which you can have a look at here.
So when you think that this is near enough impossible to happen when you’re part of the fifties generation, then we would like to let you know that this isn’t true! Every day we have senior models landing in new modelling assignments and in fact, their age works in their favour! Clients specifically request for this age range as their marketing plans dictate.

There are so many happy, content and confident people in this age bracket who are enjoying the new experience that modelling brings. You can take a look at how Aviva booked a group of our mature male and female models for their marketing campaign. You can also have a look at how Monica and Tony got on with care specialists, Elder. These are just a few examples of our bookings with notable clients to give you an idea of who has booked with our agency and which models were onboarded for the assignment.

The roundup

Modelling at an older age can challenge age stereotypes and promote age diversity. It can help push beauty standard norms and not be limited by how old you are taking a more positive view on aging. We hope that this reading has made you think a bit more about modelling. It could work for you if you sign up with a reputable modelling agency (like us!), that focuses on diversity and inclusivity of all people – older and younger!