Models Direct Spotlight on Cosmetic Surgery

Sometimes improving your appearance can boost your feel-good vibes, confidence and self-esteem. One way of achieving this can be to undergo cosmetic surgery. In a world which is driven by how we look, it can be tempting to alter your features in some way to enhance your features. This can have a positive impact on your personal and professional life...

However, deciding whether this is the right option for you is a big decision. Therefore, if you’re considering surgery, it’s worth understanding the pros and cons which we’ll walk you through in this reading. Let’s begin!

Firstly, what is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries or procedures are designed not only to improve one’s appearance but to also improve one’s quality of life. It might not always be because you want a thinner nose or a defined stomach, well…simply because you feel like it. It might be that you need a certain procedure to help improve your breathing or to take the extra weight off your back. According to Statista in 2019, roughly 27,000 cosmetic surgeries were carried out in the UK where 92% of all procedures recorded were undertaken on women.

The pros of cosmetic surgery

Here’s a snapshot of the advantages that cosmetic surgery could add to your life.

Boost in self-confidence

Even if you’re confident by nature, you can still experience feelings of self-consciousness. This happens to all of us at the best of times but it could come to a point where you think you’ve had enough and want a permanent change – and that’s okay because ultimately, it’s your decision. If you opt for a touch-up or a full whack procedure, you may inject confidence that doesn’t want to hold back which is great! Who doesn’t want to always feel confident? However, surgery is not always a complete fix since happiness and contentment reside from within and how you truly feel about yourself.

Improved appearance

Cosmetic surgery can improve your appearance for life. Whether it takes one or several procedures, you’ll match your current look to your desired look but you’ll have to be sure you’re ready for the change. If you’re hoping to go under the knife discreetly, you might need to get ready for the hot seat as others may see the change and pass comments. 

Access to clinics

Clinics are quite popular and in demand. You’ll find them scattered in most locations but it’s down to you to research for certified, qualified clinics equipped to take care of your needs safely. It’s worth taking your time because surgery is for life, not just a temporary fix.

The cons of cosmetic surgery

With the good comes the bad. OK, maybe that sounds a touch harsh but looking at this topic fairly, here are some disadvantages of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

It is expensive!

This goes without saying, physical enhancement is costly. You need to consider whether it’s affordable as some surgeries might require consecutive work which will mean extra payment.

Risks and complications

As with any procedure, there is always room for risks and complications to occur. Unfortunately, this is something you’ll need to be prepared for. Sometimes surgeries don’t always go as planned, raising the chance of difficulties arising. Your surgeon will talk you through this.

Mistakes can happen

There’s no 100% guarantee that the surgery intended will result in the desired look. You’ll have to be prepared for this possibility as it can and does happen. 

It’s painful

Pain is expected after any type of surgery and cosmetic surgery is no different. It will be painful and will take time for you to recover so having support around you will help you get back on your feet. 

The takeaway

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding whether cosmetic surgery is for you. It’s a personal decision, but ensure you have done your homework and you know everything about the steps pre and post-surgery. Speak to someone you trust and take your time. Models Direct hope that reading has been helpful. Remember to always speak to a professional for impartial advice.