Being a Teenager and Modelling

We remember the time when we were teens. Okay, it’s been quite some time now but we do remember! Models Direct is bringing this blog to you about navigating through adolescence and our specialist subject – teen modelling. We’ll take ourselves back to our youth and lend you some tips on both areas. 

As a teen, feeling a mixture of excitement and uncertainty aren’t unusual. You’re eager to explore the world, try out new things, learn to become independent and meet new people. In a nutshell, being a teen means owning your freedom, personal growth and development.

On the flip side, it can be a challenging place to work through. You might struggle with your self-esteem and experience pressure to fit in with the crowd rather than express your individuality.

Secondary school can be a hotbed of emotions because there’s so much to deal with. Academic and exam stress along with relationship and friendship dramas and hormonal changes can take their toll on you mentally and physically. The social expectations placed on teens can feel quite daunting too.

Despite the challenges, being a teenager is an important stage which can shape who you become as an adult whilst teaching you valuable lessons about your strength of character, endurance, and the importance of staying true to yourself. It’s an era that as you get older, you do so often look back and reflect on.

So, how about trying something out of the box? Maybe something you think only happens when people are scouted on the tube or out and about on the streets. Modelling, anyone? Hands up if you’ve ever thought about it. Okay, so have you ever thought about you becoming a model? No?

We’ve assembled some feedback we’ve recently received so you can get an idea of what work’s been like with us, through their eyes.

Anvitaa worked with Engage Therapy, who support youth and their families through depression and anxiety. Here’s what she shared with us:

Well, you’re definitely at the right place because Models Direct specialises in teenage modelling. It’s one of our popular categories that clients come in to hire models for so often. Unsure? Check out our teenage reviews here of as many models who are willing to share their Models Direct experience of being booked by a top-notch client. We include the good, the bad and the ugly but we’ve been lucky enough that even after thirty years of being in the industry (yes, we know we’re ancient compared to you) all our teen models have been quite happy people.

“I had a wonderful time shooting for the Engage Therapy website. The whole event was very professionally managed and it was fun meeting other models for the photoshoot. Special thanks to Kate for making all of us feel very comfortable and being very clear in her instructions.”

Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation selected teen model, Freeman, to work on their shoot. Here’s his feedback:

“I put in the effort to ensure I did my best and the shoot went well, it was an amazing shoot. Full of fun, nice for me to meet other models and it was a pleasure. The people were warm, welcoming, funny and easy-going, They absolutely made my day!”

Finally, Jack grabbed the opportunity to work with Portsmouth City Council, and this is what he expressed:

“Alongside another model from the company, we had an incredible shoot yesterday with Portsmouth City Council, promoting a new campaign for the local public transport system. The photographer and organiser were so friendly and easy to work with which resulted in a much more comfortable environment in which we all cooperated really well, finishing the two-hour job ahead of schedule.”

We’re pleased to represent teens from across the UK where no experience is needed. This is a bonus because we know that you know that most jobs out there are looking for some prior experience. All we ask is that once you’ve completed your free registration with us (another bonus), we’ll get you onto our books and put you forward whenever a client calls for a model who could be you!

Your hard work will never be brushed aside. MD values all of our models, regardless of how young you are. We respect and value you, and promise to negotiate the best amount for your work, but if you’re not happy with the amount, you are free to decline until another client is interested in you working with them.

Modelling is a great profession for teens to discover and grow through. It offers flexibility around studies and is also a great way to earn money so if you’re saving up for further education, or necessities. Sign up with Models Direct today. We’re government regulated and we do full background checks on our clients so you can always be sure that you’re in safe hands.

Happy teens mean a happy agency.