Summer Trends for Men

May is the perfect month for models to rummage through their wardrobes and decide which items of clothing need to stay, and which have come to the end of their lifespan. If in doubt, it’s probably best to put items in a bag and send them to the local charity shop; only keep hold of clothes that you know you’ll wear!

Trends ebb and flow like the tide. Whilst it’s great to trust your own instincts, even the most hard-nosed “men about town” are keen to keep abreast of the latest fashions.

With this in mind, Models Direct have delved through media releases to bring you the most essential fashion trends for chaps this summer. All we need now is for the sun to shine to make it a summer to remember!

1. Polo shirts. Collars are hot this summer, so T-shirts should take a back seat and let the polo shirt shine through! Ironed polo shirts ending at the line of knee-length shorts is unquestionably IN this summer for the discerning gentleman. Oh, and vertical striped shirts of the polo variety are even better!

2. Lightweight gilets. Are they vests, are they sleeveless jackets? Well, gilets are kind of both, and they are becoming the hit fashion item for gents around the UK. Opt for lightweight gilets to avoid overheating, and let the sun go to work on your arms.

3. Caps. Ditch the floppy hats for the traditional baseball cap this summer. The higher the front the better, and a round brim is definitely more fashionable than a flat one. Chaps can wear caps back-to-front, although word on the street is that the customary peak at the front is more in vogue.

4. Suede trainers. Whether you prefer tan, dark brown or black trainers, casual suede footwear will be all the rage this year. We can’t specify brands, although most of you will be familiar with the best sellers. Thick laces favoured by skaters are fine, but it’s best to leave them to teenagers; instead, go for medium width laces.

5. Vintage everything! Has vintage fashion seen a hint of a renaissance? Yes and no, as a lot of gents consider vintage clothing as perennially fashionable. That said, 2022 is likely to showcase many vintage designs, from dog tooth patterns to chequered flannel shirts. Head down to your local charity / thrift shop and see what catches your eye.  

6. Cooler bags. Do you like to accessorise? In anticipation of a sultry summer, cooler bags are the essential accessory for gents. Ignore supermarket bags and plump for a plain-coloured bag – several of which can hold as many cans or bottles as you desire, as well as the necessary ice to keep your friends happy. And don’t forget to store your empties and take them home; no one likes a litterer!

We hope you choose at least one of our suggestions this summer, but never let fashion impede what summer is all about: friendships in the sun and plenty of good memories!