How Can I Appear in Commercials and Photoshoots?

If the thought of appearing in print or digital motivates you then you might have commercials and photoshoots as your acting and modelling goals. It’s good to set yourself something to work towards which you can put into action, and hopefully see results in the foreseeable future.

If you’d like to increase your chances of appearing in commercials and photoshoots, Models Direct will lend you some top tips to help convert this desire into actuality:

Inform us about your skill set

Everyone has different skills but if you’re a model in our books, we would like to know about any acting, singing, dancing, or musical skills you may possess. This list is by no means exhaustive but demonstrates the range of hidden gems you may have. Once we know, we can then put you forward for assignments that call for your look and extra skills such as acting which will be perfect for commercials and photoshoots alike.

Network with other models

One of the best ways for you to get constructive advice and support is to reach out to other models who have experience. They know firsthand what life is like as a model and the work behind modelling for photoshoots and commercials. If you’d like to speak to a model on our books, please get in touch with us.

Take part in auditions and castings

If there are any auditions or castings lined up through Models Direct, we will let you know. Otherwise, you can head on over to our job board and apply for jobs directly yourself. If you’re asked to take part in any type of screen test, here’s your chance to put yourself forward for commercials and photoshoots…and shine. Even if you don’t bag the first, second or third gig, this will all point towards gaining experience and increasing your exposure.

Create a portfolio with diverse images

No one wants to see borrring snaps. Sorry, but it’s true. If you wouldn’t want to, nor would a modelling agency or client looking for a commercial or advert model. It won’t make anyone attentively sit up in their seat and take notice.

If you want positive attention, add a flair of versatility to your snaps. How? Have pics that are from different angles, with seasonal-themed backdrops and colours that suit different times of the year. You might want to be wearing the latest colour trend or apparel but don’t go out of your way to buy new statement pieces. Just have a rummage around your wardrobe to see if you have something already there – chances are you’ll have something sitting in the bottom corner! Have images that reflect your modelling skills with popular modelling poses and some of your own.

Enhance your acting skills

If you have the time and capacity to uplevel your acting and modelling skills, have a look for classes that will help you to refine your skills. You might find something online that’s free and convenient. Keep your eyes peeled for anything or have a look on YouTube for any advice.

We hope that this blog helps you leverage your modelling and acting skills so that you are ready for assignments. A professionally vetted modelling agency should strive to put you forward for all assignments that meet your look and skills but you can also help make a difference and increase your chances too. Good luck, MD models – we’re rooting for you, always!