Modelling during the pandemic: top tips for making the best of a difficult situation

The past year has not been easy for anyone, and that includes those in the modelling industry…

But it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom – there are steps you can take to make the best of the current situation, even during lockdown.

The Models Direct team share their top tips on how to look after ourselves right now and make the best of this tricky time..

1. Get into a routine

Whether you are working from home, are on furlough or are studying remotely, try to get into a routine. This will help you to create defined periods of the day for work and relaxation, which will not only boost your mental health but also ensure you remain productive.

2. Keep fit and healthy

Going for a walk every day and doing online exercise and relaxation classes will be good for your mental and physical wellbeing. It will help you to get through the difficult times and ensure you are ready to get back into the swing of things when the situation improves.

3. Make the most of extra time

Use any spare time you suddenly find yourself with to engage in those pastimes you have considered before but never found time for. Learn a language, join an online class or cook new and exotic dishes for your household.

4. Develop your talents

Consider developing talents that could boost your modelling career. Have you thought about taking up singing, acting or make-up artistry? If so, why not make the most of the opportunity to enrol in an online course? Anything like this will only serve to make you more confident in your modelling work in the future.

5. Practise your poses

It doesn’t hurt to spend 15 minutes or so every so often practising your poses. Follow some expert tips and, again, this will help you to feel self-assured and ready for the next time you are in front of a camera.

6. Update your portfolio

This is the perfect opportunity to do all those jobs you don’t normally have time to, including (for those already modelling) updating your e-portfolio. Take the time to make sure your photos are recent and reflect any work you have done since you last refreshed it; don’t forget to include videos from recent assignments too. Finally, check all your details are still correct.

7. Make some plans

Use this precious time to make some plans for the future. Consider changes you might make when the situation improves and whether you actually want to take your life in a different direction. Perhaps you’ve never tried modelling before but think you might like to give it a go? Well why not contact us now so that when everything eases up you are in the best possible position to secure modelling assignments?