A Complete Guide to Child Modelling

2-12 year olds can become models. We will explore child modelling in this guide, and what things to consider in this profession.

Modelling can be an enriching experience for your child. If they’re handpicked for modelling assignments, they’ll get to try out a lot of different hats and hopefully take away extra unique skills and positive lifelong memories. If you’re looking for some guidance on child modelling, then you’ve come to the right place because Models Direct is the UK’s number one modelling agency specialising in diversity and inclusivity with a mission to represent everyone fairly.

Prioritise your child’s wellbeing
If you’re thinking of kick-starting your child’s career as a model, the first thing we would suggest is always prioritising their well-being before anything else. You’ll probably never hear a modelling agency advise this but we’re transparent and honest. Like you, some of our team are also parents or are aunts and uncles to young children so we understand. If your child is happy to move forward as a model, brilliant, but if they aren’t then maybe now isn’t the right time for them. Always put them first.

Sign up with a reputable agency
There are so many agencies in the industry, it can be difficult to decide who to go with especially if you wish to take this route as opposed to self-promoting your child’s modelling skills and abilities. The best place to find out if an agency is right for your junior is to look at their reviews. Firstly, do they have any reviews? Who has been satisfied with their services and who hasn’t? Are there any other websites you can find where people have left reviews such as Trustpilot and Google?

Look for an agency that is reputable and trustworthy. The more background research you do, the better it’ll be for you to make an informed decision. You can take a look at Models Direct reviews here and read who has given us 5 stars and even those who haven’t. We’re open and respond to those who haven’t been satisfied with our service.

Does the agency prioritise your child’s safety and happiness?

Children are vulnerable so a modelling agency must hold their safety and happiness above all else when it comes to finding them junior modelling work. With Models Direct, we thoroughly check all clients who reach out to us for models. Our background checks are vital and adhering to strict measures around the safety standards of our models is our priority. Junior models, particularly, are never left alone without a parent or guardian when booked with Models Direct so that means no matter how prestigious our clients are, it is strictly forbidden that a child model is isolated from their guardian even for a second. We brief our parents and guardians before a gig takes place so that they are aware of this. A reputable agency should always encourage parents to attend casting and shoots to promote a safe and supportive environment.

Populate your child’s portfolio

Just like how a CV and cover letter are needed for a job application, a portfolio is highly recommended to launch your child’s modelling career. Models Direct will suggest that nothing professionally curated is required because you can do the same job just as well, and save money. Creating a simple portfolio that encompasses your child’s different looks and expressions can be an excellent start.

Include their height, shoe size and unique features
An agency could ask for your child’s weight but ours avoids this. Why? Because we don’t promote an unhealthy approach to weight checking from such a young age. Can you imagine asking a child between two and twelve to keep hopping on the scales and what that could potentially lead to? Being weight conscious isn’t what our agency promotes, at all! On the contrary, we are inclusive of everyone regardless of size, shape, age and so on so emphasis on positive body image and self-esteem.

However, what we would ask is for your tween’s height, shoe size and any unique features they may have such as glasses, braces, freckles, eye colour, hair colour, and birthmarks.

Don’t compromise their education
A child’s education should never be compromised or interfered even if an unmissable modelling gig turns up during term time. An agency should also consider this before putting your child model through the selection process and never threaten or pester you to take an assignment on.

Understand your child’s contract
If your child is selected for a job, you be given a contract. You must always read it thoroughly, even the small print, before signing the dotted line. This is the same with your child’s modelling contract. Models Direct always give our parents and guardians time to read through their contract and if they have any questions or queries, our specialist team are on hand to help. Legal protections must be also in place for your young child which includes work hours and compensation.

Keep in the industry loop
There’s a lot of up-to-date industry information available so stay informed with trendsetters and the latest news. If your child is signed up with an agency, stay in the loop with them for advice and support.

Modelling work should never be promised

Finally, please bear in mind that modelling work is never guaranteed and shouldn’t be done by any reputable agency as the final decision for model selection rests with clients. It’s misleading if an agency promises this.

We hope this guide has been helpful for any budding child and junior models out there. Our MD team are here to support you every step of the way should you sign your child up with our agency.