Realistic Expectations about Modelling

It’s good to have an open mind when you’re trying out something new in your life. However, having realistic expectations attached to your newfound interest doesn’t mean you’re being pessimistic. It means you’re trying to be realistic and honest. Expectations can help avoid disappointment, stress and anxiety. They can help you to learn, grow, adapt and build resilience to setbacks and challenges. So, what about realistic expectations regarding your modelling career?

Well, we’re glad you asked! Okay, maybe you didn’t but we’re happy you’re here reading this page and discovering more. Hopefully, you’ll take away positive points when it comes to establishing your modelling profession and what to expect. Expectations aren’t a definitive marker for what the outcome in reality will look like though. However, they will help you prep and hopefully avoid negative feelings. So let’s be real, what can you expect?

It’s competitive

Yes, landing gigs can be difficult since the model selection is entirely down to a client’s choice, therefore, rejection is common. If you have an agency backing you (a wholesome and reputable one), they’ll be putting you forward for work. If you request access to the frequency of being put forward and how many times a selection was in your favour, you’ll get an understanding of how your agency is working. They should be able to provide this information if you request it.


Being a model means having flexibility
a) with your time.
b) with your skills to adapt to diverse assignments.

It’s an extra source of income

Modelling is a part-time profession that can bring extra money into your account. You can expect your modelling career to provide supplementary income rather than your sole source of income.

It’s physically demanding

We don’t mean to scare you off but yes, modelling can be a taxing profession where work schedules can be super hectic. You want to be ready for unplanned changes such as varying time scales. You might need to make adjustments around other commitments to see the work through to completion.

Being mentally in tune with yourself

The competitive and physically demanding nature of modelling can influence your mental outlook so expect to stay positive through the challenging moments of modelhood. Share how you feel with people that you trust so that you have someone to talk to about your anxieties.

On-call for projects

Your availability will differ according to each new modelling project. Agencies have clients that come in with tight timeframes and sometimes this reflects in their selected dates to kick-start their project. Models need to be on standby should they wish to take on projects like this.

Every assignment will be different

The one common theme running through all assignments is that they will all have their theme, goal and mission to fulfil. No two are the same and they all bring their individuality and purpose. A model will need to adapt and fit into different roles according to what the client requests.

Other factors you should expect are collaborating with other models, creating and running your modelling portfolio, maintaining a professional social presence, eating and sleeping well, exercising and having a skincare and haircare regime in check. However the most important of all is to have patience.