Your Social Media Presence: Agencies and Clients Have Their Eyes Peeled

According to Statista, as of January 2023, the UK’s active social media users were 57.1 million. This means that 84.4% of the UK’s population was on a social media platform when last surveyed at the beginning of the year, but this figure is likely to rise. Models Direct is a part of that stat – are you?

Our agency uses popular platforms to promote our work. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Our expert team tries to display all the bookings we help facilitate and the successful campaigns that transpire from our model selection process. We want our readers to share our world with us and see it through our eyes, and our models.

Content doesn’t stop at us, our talented pros also share images and reels to help build a better insight into the modelling world, in their shoes. Plenty of our talent is active on various socials, and having a professional social media presence is important in this business. We’ll explore the reasons why here right here:

Think personal branding
Social media offers establishing your place on a global stage and just like how businesses use them to leverage reach and exposure, so do individuals. If you’re a budding or existing model, this can help you to showcase your modelling skills and personality which can be advantageous to your personal development, career advancement and networking opportunities. You’ll be making your mark and creating your personal brand online.

Agencies and clients learn more about you
Chances are high that if you have an online presence, agencies and clients will be checking in to see who you are, your story and what makes you tick. It’s recommended to only have professional images, reels and posts online. No boozy Friday night pics or anything that really shouldn’t be online should be avoided at all costs! You want to make a long-lasting positive impression rather than the opposite!

Showcasing your work
Using social media to showcase up-to-date modelling work you’ve done is a perfect combo. You might get noticed by clients and agencies alike, encouraging them to reach out to you and initiate dialogue whilst enjoying viewing your work.

Networking alert!
When you put yourself out there, you’ll be able to connect with professionals from the modelling industry. This might lead to golden and memorable opportunities such as collaborations and working with agencies, clients and other professionals you might not have been able to had you not been online. It’ll open doors by opening communication, although not always instantaneously, but you can bet it will at some point.

The roundup
When posting online, be mindful of the content you send out into the world and always engage in professional and respectful interactions offline and online. Agencies and clients will have their eyes peeled for new and existing talent so always bear in mind to keep your socials up-to-date. Your online presence is your home to create, design and build your personal brand as a model so make it a memorable one for agencies and clients to enjoy!