Male Modelling this Spring

With Covid restrictions finally lifted in full, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and start once again to concentrate on the things which make us happy: satisfaction at work, relationships, and a spot of nice weather…

…which leads us on to a subject that a lot of men will be yearning for: male fashion trends for Spring 2022. That’s right – we’re going to highlight six styles that should be making waves from March right through to June! It’s finally here – after two years of statutory tedium, we can all banish the legislative shackles and be human again! And about time, too.

We can’t predict the weather (just ask Michael Fish about his “hurricane mishap”!), but recent rumblings in the male fashion world can pinpoint some styles that every discerning man should be aware of – and execute with flair! Here we go…

1. Low-cut socks / no sandals. Gents – by all means keep hold of your flip-flops, but sandals this spring are a no-no. No one wants to see hefty buckles or beige straps around the ankles! Wear ankle socks and trainers or go barefoot if safe to do so, but ditch the sandals. you have been warned!

2. Earning your stripes. From shorts to small-collared shirts, stripes are definitely “in” this spring. We’re talking about vertical stripes, which are well-known for flattering certain physiques. There are plenty of styles available, although word on the street is that thin, black stripes on light-coloured shirts will be top dog in early 2022.    

3. Shady business. Most gents like to don a pair of sunglasses, but this spring the style has shifted from aviators to plain black sunnies; think Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator and you won’t go far wrong (minus the cyborg-related violence, needless to say!)

4. Khaki malarkey. Unassuming, neutral trousers and shirts – khaki-style – are expected to be a hit this spring. This is a prime example of “less is more”; a simple pair of military-style trousers will go far, as would a beige sun hat or modest brown-yellow cotton shirt. You don’t have to dress up like you’ve just booked a holiday to the Congo to impress!

5. Parting doesn’t have to be such sweet sorrow. Moving from clothes to a gent’s haircut, a simple parting (gel or wax optional) to reveal a thin, clean scalp is another style that’s expected to be highly fashionable in the early months of this year. Call it a “classic look”, but classics stay classics for a good reason!

6. Going sleeveless. Here’s one that trendy males around the country can combine with the aforementioned stripy / khaki shirts; simply cover your (undoubtedly buff) torso with a white, navy or black vest, and if it gets too hot, you can discard your shirt to reveal a tasteful vest. Make sure it’s clean and ironed, and your vest won’t fail to impress. Plus, your arms will be grateful for some much-needed sunshine. Everyone’s a winner!

We hope this spring brings happiness to all our models . Wear your new fashions with confidence, and enjoy everything 2022 brings. It’s shaping up to be a very memorable year indeed.