All kinds of brands and work opportunities

Are you fed up with the dreary monotony that life can sometimes present?

Millions of earnest workers are happy in their daily duties, and we say “fair play” to each and every one of them. There’s a complete satisfaction afforded by hard work that money can’t buy. And if the job in question is enjoyable, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Occasionally people need a different approach to life. Work is a major factor in a person’s mental wellbeing, given that jobs can be stressful and occupy us on average 40 hours per week – not including commuting.  

Modelling offers anyone with the enthusiasm to be in the spotlight and work with thousands of brands. These brands are our clients. We’ve been working with the majority of them for years, building relationships through commitment and loyalty. They trust us to recommend to them the best models to serve their briefs, which receive daily. The amount of jobs can depend on the time of year, although it’s pretty much a steady flow of quality assignments for our models.

Additionally, we are a national agency – meaning we’re always in a position of offering models jobs just about anywhere in the country. We’re not limited to the big cities, neither are we restricted to jobs requiring just one model. In fact, plenty of our client briefs require groups of models , e.g. the renowned hospitality Greene King has worked with us for years, and they frequently approach us for several models to recreate pub atmospheres whenever they have a promotion. These group bookings are a perfect opportunity to see how professionals make promotions work, as well as gaining contacts and meeting new friends.

Opportunities arise at any time. Jobs can land with us almost at the last minute, or we might receive them weeks in advance – this applies particularly with larger brands in the run-up to Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays. We have various smaller brands, too, each knowing the value of real-life models to turn their projects-on-paper into photo shoots and films for the general public. Where else would they acquire commercial models from other than the only UK national modelling agency? They know the benefit of working with us just as much as our models.

Obviously we can’t name all the brands we work with, but to whet your appetite we can list a few in certain genres:

  • Famous brands – Wilkinson Sword, Hawaiian Tropic, Gtech, Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur FCs, NHS.
  • Media – BBC, Getty Images, ITV, Sky, TV Times.
  • Hospitality – Greene King, McDonalds, Park Holidays.
  • Retail – John Lewis, Morrisons, Boots, Tesco.
  • Banking – Lloyds, Santander.
  • Charities – Centrepoint, Cancer Research UK.

Because our client list is vast – and growing every month – our booking team are always keen to hear from new models. There are opportunities for the young, the older, people with unique features, people with disabilities, families and pets.

We’ll reiterate it: modelling is for everyone, and our clients would love to see what you can offer them.

The first step comes with applying to register with us. After that, our team will be in touch with all the subsequent details to help you become a Models Direct model.