What talents do you have? – Models Direct want to hear..

Come on, don’t hide your light under a bushel! Tell us all about your secret skills!

Whether you are already dipping a toe in the modelling world or are thinking about sending Models Direct your details for the first time, you need to tell us about your talents.

Those hoping to break into modelling, acting or other performance work often undersell themselves on their portfolios.

They show us who they are and what they look like, but they forget to tell us all about everything they can do…

While many assignments are based on appearance and modelling experience, there are some that require someone with that extra special something.

And if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to tell us at Models Direct about anything you can do that might just set you apart.

So, do you have…..

Sports skills

Do you play football, tennis, rugby or badminton regularly? Perhaps you are an athlete or even just a regular runner or jogger? If so, then let us know. It is not uncommon to be asked for sporty types with some sports skills to appear in advertising or other commercial work for sports products and campaigns. Likewise, we need to know if you are a regular gym goer as this might make you suitable for fitness modelling.

Gymnastic or circus skills

Your sportiness might reveal itself through a passion for gymnastics or an ability at circus skills. Perhaps you have simply attended a few workshops and can now tightrope walk or swing on a trapeze – but perhaps you can also tumble acrobatically, ride a unicycle and complete complicated aerial work…. Again, either way, if we know this about you, we can put you forward for those highly specialised jobs.

Musical skills

From being able to hold a clear, strong note when you sing to playing the piano, drums or saxophone, let us know if you are musically accomplished. There is lots of work out there for those who have different levels of musical ability. This ranges from live promotional work right through to video, film and television work. No-one is expecting you to be the next Aretha Franklin or Pavarotti – just tell us where you are on the scale and whether you are continuing to have lessons or to practise or perform in another way.

Dance skills

Again, dance skills range from being someone who can twist and turn with confidence and rhythm on a night out to someone who has some training in ballet, tap or modern jazz. Perhaps you have been taking specialist dance classes just for the fun of it – swing, lindy hop or Greece dancing, for example? Knowing this, helps us and our clients to understand that you are confident in your body and an easy mover, as well as perhaps having that unique talent that someone might just be looking for.

Other skills

Pause, take a moment and think about those other skills you might have. These may well not be immediately obvious – but we still need to know! Do you ride a motorbike, off-road mountain bike or skateboard? Perhaps you can do tricks on a scooter? Can you speak another language, draw brilliantly or are you a skilled DJ? Whatever you can do, tell us about it. It might not seem relevant to you now, but it really could make all the difference in ensuring you get that all-important assignment.