What Not to Wear to a Booking or Casting

Models can face a common conundrum every time they are called for a booking or casting – what they shouldn’t wear! It’s a tough one, to wear or not to wear. It might seem like a piece of cake but models can sometimes struggle with tailoring their outfit according to the nature of their assignment.

Since the modelling industry is based on what models look like, they must create a lasting first impression by getting their wardrobe on point for the day. Without further ado, Models Direct will walk you through some of the most popular dos and don’ts when being booked or cast for a modelling assignment.   

What to wear

When attending a casting, if you have been briefed by your agency that you are to play a particular role and advised to wear apparel that will most suit the client’s requirements, then go ahead and get into character. Because you are selling the client’s services and products, the decision lies in their hands as to what they would like their models to wear. You will be briefed about your assignment beforehand so if you are not happy with the nature of the work, you can always opt-out. 

If the client would like you to play the role of an office worker, then get into character with appropriate office apparel. Or if they are looking for a “classic granddad” look then tailor your clothes accordingly. Stick to what they are looking for because if they are happy with your look, they will select you for the job!

What to avoid at a casting

If you have not been briefed to wear anything specific then present yourself as a blank canvas and avoid the following:

Wild colours, patterns and prints

Even though these might be a fashionable option and show we know the latest trends, anything too outlandish will be distracting and perhaps off-putting. 

Very revealing or ill-fitting clothes

Avoid wearing anything too revealing or ill-fitting. Keeping the exposure and fit of your clothes to a reasonable degree will help your clients see your shape. This helps them decide if you will be a good fit for their work. 

Excessive accessories 

Entering the casting room with excessive accessories will be a big no-no. Clients will want to see simple and minimal jewellery and any added extras that are muted. Avoid being too flamboyant – they will notice more, believe it or not. 

Caked on make-up and theatrical hair

Keep make-up and hair natural and simple. Clients will want to see your look without all the added unnecessary extras. Less is more especially at a casting. Hair and make-up artists are usually on set whenever work is underway so they will be ready to get models camera ready. 

Heels that you cannot walk in

Models will need to pack a pair of heels – go for the classic stilettos, not platforms, chunky heels, kitten heels, boots, mules, wedges or any other type of heel. Wearing pumps, flats or trainers when you are travelling to your casting is perfectly fine – most models do this and have their must-have heels on standby.

Contradictory to the natural look clients are after, adding a few inches to your height is a factor clients consider. The majority of them would prefer to see how you can walk in heels, so stick to stilettos which are your safe bet. Anything too high or low will not have the same impact. 

Also, ensure that you are 100% comfortable with your shoe choice and that you can demonstrate that you are confident wearing heels. Don’t experiment in a bid to impress, stick to what you know as attending an audition can be as nerve-wracking as it is. (Check out our blog to find out more.)

We hope that this has helped our readers. If you have any questions or comments, let us know and we would love to hear your feedback.