Individual Thinking – Modelling is All About Diversity

You are one in a million – so why not show us what makes you different?

At Models Direct we are firm believers in diversity.

We understand the world is made up of all sorts of beautiful, unique individuals and that is what makes it such a wonderful place to live.

The world of modelling is all about reflecting the world around us and, as such, you are now far more likely to see people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ethnicities within it.

Flick through your social media at breakfast, look out of the bus window on your way to work and switch on your TV in the evening and you should see a glorious array of individuals.

But those who want to become successful models need to highlight their differences and show us what makes them stand out from the crowd.

They need to contact us and tell us what makes them special, so we in turn can promote them to all our many major clients who are looking for diverse models for their range of assignments.

Here are our top tips for those hoping to break into the business or who are already involved but hope to see greater success:

1. Send us your application and support it with some great photographs

2. Tell us what makes you different, highlight any unique features, tell us about your abilities and really sell yourself to us

3. Once you have uploaded images to your e-portfolio remember to update them regularly

4. The portfolios of children and babies must be updated every two to four months (the younger the child, the more important it is to do this)

5. Always follow our top tips on how to take great photographs

6. Keep abreast of fashion and ensure that whatever you are wearing in your shots is up-to-date or timeless (ie that it doesn’t age you)

7. Be friendly, patient and undemanding – we are highly experienced at our business and we will do our very best for you

For more information spend time browsing on our website and reading what our other models say about working with us.

We stand out from others in the industry – and we love working with models who do too!