Eportfolios – updating your portfolio at the touch of a button

Whether we are working, enjoying our hobbies and pastimes, managing our bills and household finances or doing our shopping, so much of our lives are now lived online.

The portfolios we have at Models Direct for all our models are managed and maintained in exactly the same way.

We have had e-portfolios for many years now and over time they have been developed and enhanced to ensure they are simple and user-friendly for our models to update themselves.

Your e-portfolio is the showcase window we at Models Direct and all our clients look at when we are considering whether you might be suitable for a particular assignment.

This is why it is essential it is not only kept up to date but that it also presents you in your best possible light and reveals you to be the interesting, enthusiastic, confident person you are.

All models have a portfolio, a book that contains an array of photographs, showing them in different settings and with different looks.

It also showcases any modelling work they have done or anything else they have accomplished or take part in that an agency and their clients might be interested in.

It might highlight the fact that a model is also an actor, a sports person, a singer or a dancer, for example. A good portfolio should present the model or aspiring model in a variety of different lights.

It can contain images from the past and evidence of your experience, but above all, it should be up to date and should show you looking as you look today.

It is vital that if we put you forward for work – and you are chosen by a client for an assignment – that you haven’t changed your hair colour, opted for a totally different style or had a new tattoo that you haven’t told us about.

Because our portfolios are electronic and can be updated so easily online – at the touch of a few buttons – there is no reason not to sit down in front of your laptop every so often to update yours.

Think pictures all the time – and whether a new outfit, the change of a season or a trip to an interesting location could be a good opportunity to take a few more photos to upload.

And now, as we move into 2022, start thinking about what the new year might hold, why not have a look at your e-portfolio and think about whether there’s anything you could do to improve it?

In addition to thinking about uploading new pictures, consider whether your measurements are still the same and if your contact details have changed. And is there anything else you need to tell us about?

Follow our tips and guidelines on what we are looking for and perhaps make a note in your diary or set a reminder on your phone, so you don’t forget to check your e-portfolio regularly, possibly updating it every few months.

And if you haven’t yet applied to Models Direct, then why not consider doing so now?

You could then create your brand new e-portfolio and be ready for any work that might come along in 2022.