How to Calm Booking Nerves

Ah, the (oh so annoying) jitters can creep up on us at any point and as many times as it likes. Models Direct know that whether you’re a new or existing model, nervousness can happen when you’ve found out you’ve been booked! It’s a natural, normal feeling to experience.
So, how can you stay calm and not get too nervous about a booking? We’ll share some tips with you in this blog:

Prepare yourself

When you prep for a booking, or any situation for that matter, you’ll be more aware and ready for what’s to come. The goal is for you to feel more confident knowing what to expect rather than go into the situation without any idea of what to foresee.

How do you do this with a model booking? You can read your brief, familiarise yourself with the company you’re about to work with and focus on your schedule. You can prep for your journey route to and from the location, your dress code, hair and make-up requirements and your modelling bag or backpack with all your essentials for the day.

Practice your modelling poses

Depending on the nature of the brief – whether it’s a real-time role for promotional purposes or stills for a photoshoot, you can rehearse what you’ll have to say or do (details will be included). This will give you confidence and hopefully ease you into your modelling role.

Stay positive and smile

A little positivity does go a long way so stay in tune with your feel-good vibes and stamp on any self-doubts. Going into your booking smiling, being in the present, and feeling good about yourself will pay off and help push the nerves to one side.

Limit caffeine

We know that some of you reading this love your coffee (or any other hot beverage for that matter) or sugary treats! We would suggest limiting your caffeine intake as being a stimulant, it can leave you feeling jittery and anxious even if it tastes so good! Cut back, try decaff as an alternative or a darker version of chocolate if abstinence proves to be impossible.

Talk to us!

Reach out to our specialist team and talk it through with how you’re feeling pre-assignment. Don’t worry, we won’t judge (promise!) We’re all ears and ready to listen and talk to you about how your day will look like. Opening up about how you feel can help ease the nerves; knowing that you’ve talked it out and that we’re always here to listen and offer advice will hopefully make you feel more reassured.

So many of our models have been there and felt the same. We know because our teams receive a lot of models’ reviews that start with, “I was nervous to begin with..” but end on a positive note. We’ll share some here:

“I signed up Models Direct for a laugh and never realised I’d actually get a job modelling. I had my first job as a model for Business Disability Forum. Being a wheelchair user I felt really nervous as I had no experience within this industry.

Lexy made me feel welcome from the moment I got to the shoot explaining what will happen throughout the day. The shoot felt very relaxed and couldn’t ask for a better first experience. I look forward to my next job.”

Fabulous First Experience
“I’m Molly and recently joined Models Direct. Yesterday I had my first paid job. Gemma, my talent manager was so kind, understanding, considerate and supportive surrounding my personal circumstances and discussed the whole process with me.

The team I worked with were so lovely and easy to talk to. I had various, everyday shopping shots taken that I am really happy with. The vibe was completely relaxed and I had nothing to be concerned about. I’m so happy I have this agency.”

Feeling nervous is normal, but we hope these tips can help you manage your feelings, and instead of dreading the assignment, or perhaps even cancelling it altogether. We hope that you enjoy your time and look forward to other wonderful opportunities.