Put a smile on your face

Every model needs to be able to produce a smile at the right time, whether this is a gentle grin or a full beam.

As with most other things, practice makes perfect when it comes to smiling – and the more time you rehearse your different emotions, the easier it will become in front of a camera.

Spend time in front of a mirror, get a friend to take lots of shots with a phone and ask for other people’s opinions on what is working and what is not.

Here are a few of our own top tips to help you to see what works for you, so you can become all smiles….

  • Look after your teeth and lips so you feel confident when grinning
  • Close your eyes, relax your shoulders and take a few deep breaths before beginning
  • Wet your teeth with your tongue regularly so mouth movement comes easily
  • Keep your mouth relaxed and slightly open as you start to smile
  • Try putting your tongue behind your upper teeth as you smile – this can help your lower lips to look plumper
  • Try to keep your teeth visible when you smile – then vary the amount of tooth you show depending on the smile you want to achieve
  • Stand in front of a mirror regularly to run through the range of happy emotions, from a tiny mouth raise to a huge guffaw
  • Sit and watch a comedy film or programme – or your favourite stand-up – and ask a friend to take snaps as you enjoy yourself; then study the images and try to reproduce the emotions
  • Visualise something that makes you smile inside and out because it makes you feel happy or that makes you actually chuckle because it is funny 
  • Remember to try to smile with your whole face, especially your eyes 
  • Try crinkling your eyes at the corners a little and raising your eyebrows slightly
  • Practise smiling with your head tilted a touch
  • Before a photo shoot aim to relax, chat to the photographer and enjoy being your natural, smiley self, this will make the following session feel much more natural
  • Make the most of the whole experience and try to enjoy the photo shoot – again, this will help the smiles come much more easily

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