Summer is Finally Here! Models are Making the Most of the Good Weather

Bring on the glorious sun, delish ice-cream and good summer vibes!

Models Direct couldn’t wait for the summer and it’s finally here again – yay! With the hot sun, lighter colourful clothes, refreshments on the go and cooling fans on full blast, we’re hoping this sizzling season will stick around. Anyone working as a model will know that when the weather is good, they’ve gotta make the most of it. How? Models Direct will explain all! Sit back, kick your sandals off and relax to our latest read. Enjoy!

Recharge your summer wardrobe

Get into your closet and pull out all your summer clothes. Sometimes we can find our wardrobe space has some forgotten gems tangled in a corner (we speak from experience here!), so step in, organise and reboot your personal style. Doing this will help you know what you already have, what you might need and what you want.

Capture summer-themed images

Now’s a great time to take full advantage of the summer. Grab those fully charged phones and snap away with your beautiful summer clothes – summer dresses, shorts, beachwear, sunglasses and flip-flops. Summer prints and accessories can be donned with the glorious sun beaming in the background all ready for your modelling portfolio pics!

Attend outdoor events and shows

Summer is full of wonderful opportunities like attending outdoorsy events. Think music shows, fashion events, food festivals, family fun, product launches, and water parks – the ideas are endless. As a model stepping into brighter, longer daylight hours, take some time to explore what interests you, and what you have time for and squeeze into your daily routine and, of course, click, click, click that camera button to log all that you’re doing.

Grow big with regular social content

Create new, energised content with trending hashtags in mind whilst posting at integral times using popular platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Your audience and reach can grow rapidly if you’re pushing regular, engaging material where you’ll hopefully attract attention (with possible collabs in the future!) It isn’t usually something that happens overnight, although having said that, you could create a viral sensation from that one engagement. However, keep in mind that regular posts are beneficial and with the sun peeking its head out from behind the clouds, warmer weather means there’s more time to create magic using the long hours and great excuse to head out whilst capturing snippets of your life.

Summer has so much to give

The clear blue sky, vibrant atmosphere and optimistic outlook mean that the summer brings with it a positive boost of energy. The openness and freedom we soak in whilst enjoying our surrounding whether that be walking through the busy streets of London or strolling through a national park, the summer brings with it a true essence of wonder and beauty. Models can really harness this into their material, particularly when creating their summer wardrobe, attending events and shows, and creating content.
Don’t forget to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and stay in the shade when the sun’s rays feel powerful.
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