Assignments through a model’s eyes

What’s it like to experience a modelling assignment? We’ll take a look at what this means for new models right here...

Your mobile rings on a chilly afternoon, you glance down at the display and momentarily forget that a few weeks back you signed up for something new, something different for 2022 – to become a model (or at least try it out if it ever transpires into something concrete). It reads for Models Direct and your heart begins to race! You instinctively know that it’ll be something exciting because that’s what you want your new year to look like.

It was only when you entered 2022 that you thought there needs to be positive changes and friends always mentioned how effortlessly great you’d look in the flesh and snaps whenever you’d be together when they’d capture a moment for Facebook. So, you got looking around for an agency but you never thought anything would transpire… Not until that unexpected but memorable phone call happened! You hear on the other end of the line an enthusiastic modelling agent declare, “A client is very interested in your look and wants to see if you’d like to be a part of their campaign!”

You think you hear it right but you cannot quite believe it. You’ve been booked for your first modelling assignment if you accept the offer! You’re overwhelmed with excitement and slight disbelief that YOU have been selected over others. This scenario is a reality for thousands of our models who sign up with our numero uno talent management agency. You cannot wait to tell your besties who told you how photogenic you were, and they’ll lovingly tell you, “We told you so!”

We’re a busy dream team of experts and Models Direct booking agents, carefully curating strong relationships with our models and clients, and that’s something you’re beginning to learn as we explain the process of how your assignment will work. Don’t worry, Models Direct don’t expect you to automatically know that we mean busines,s but we get work done as efficiently as possible.

That initial phone call will be followed up as we’ll give you some time to consider whether you want to go ahead with the campaign. It’s okay if you don’t though, but if you do, we’ll guarantee that it’ll be bags of fun and certainly an out-of-the-box experience that you’ll be pleased you discovered. Hopefully, you’ll be looking forward to more opportunities after the first.

We’ll walk you through everything you’ll need to know. The who, when, where, how and the whys will certainly be covered with you as you enter the campaign, being the face (or hands if you’re a parts model, or family if it’s a family affair). A schedule will be composed to give you an idea of how the work will be planned out for you and what’ll be expected. Pay, travel and expenses will also be discussed early on so that you have a fuller picture of when you’ll be paid for your time and developing skills. 

Now, your campaign could be about anything and take place anywhere – the possibilities are endless! We’ve had our models travel to France and further afield or drive up north for some interesting companies needing help with TV ads and live promotional work, not just your bog-standard photoshoots.

We aim to make it a smooth process with as little hiccups along the way. This is so that you enjoy the enriching experience and it nourishes your interest to take part in more modelling work should you be selected again. Chances are, you will be. The wonderful world of modelling has become more accessible for everyone because of the realistic outlook it has on its models. It’s kinder, more inclusive and more diverse. If you like what you’ve read, let us know on social. If you haven’t taken the plunge and hit the apply button, maybe you should because this is what assignments look like through a model’s eyes and we’re sure you’ll love this new career!