Back to School with Models Direct 

Can’t believe it’s that time of the year again – September and almost back to school?! Time certainly has flown quickly this summer. How has your summer holiday been? If your child is a professional child model or into any hobbies, they may have been quite busy this summer keeping themselves occupied with new projects or skills. 

In the run-up to school, you’re probably getting all your child’s schoolwear shop, stationery and other bits and bobs together (hopefully it’s not too last minute!) Whether your child is in primary, secondary or heading into either setting for the very first time this year, Models Direct are here to help you get your child ready for school for 2022with some useful tips.

Tips for returning to school after the holidays

Talk to your child

Ask them how they feel about starting school. Some questions could include: meeting new friends, teachers, a school routine, different subjects and homework – what do they think about it all? If they’re a junior model, they’d have experience meeting new people quite often. Child modelling helps to extend their interpersonal skills such as communication and teamwork skills. Are they feeling positive or negative about the new structure ahead which will encompass their week? Is there anything they’re looking forward to and do they have any goals for school? Talking to your child will help them express themselves, whether it’s worries, anxieties or hopefully excitement, you’ll be able to better understand what they’re thinking about school life after a lovely summer holiday!

School newsletters and apps

Keep an eye on the school’s newsletter (including any which were published at the end of the previous academic year). Does the school have any parent apps that you’ll need to download for up-to-date information and last-minute notifications? Head over to the school’s website to find out more.

Travel to the school

It would be a good idea to travel to the school before it officially starts so you can gauge how far it is and decide which means of transport you’ll be embarking on. Keep a check on the length of time it takes to get there especially if you want to mix the transport. 

Differing start of the term dates

Some schools have different start dates and times for first-time students and those who are returning. Check the updated school term and holiday calendar for the upcoming academic year. (You wouldn’t want to be turning up on the wrong date!)

Double-check for last-minute growth spurts  

If you buy your child’s uniform too early into the holidays (we all want to be well prepared before sizes go out of stock!) you may run the risk of your child having a last-minute growth spurt (we are talking from experience). If you want to get ahead and avoid that crushing school uniform headache, do a check of uniform readiness, especially shoes.

Greet them at hometime 

If it’s possible – at the end of the first day – try to be there to greet your child. We’re sure they’ll love to see you and talk about how their day went. Stay positive for them, smile and maybe take a fruit snack or something they like to eat for the journey back home in the car or would be most appreciated!

Stay strong 

After spending such a long summer together, it’s understandable that the family bond has extended and grown further. If you feel like your eyes are beginning to swell reading this or when you start drifting to the first day of school, stay strong! It’s completely understandable to feel some emotional reaction but save the tears till later (or at least try to be as covert as possible – we know how difficult it’ll be!) 

And, breathe! May your child or children have a wonderful return to school in 2022.