What’s in store for Summer ’23

Anticipation can sometimes be more exciting than the event itself.

Here at Models Direct, we know that models can be busy all year round, but there are periods where some models find themselves particularly in demand. And the summer of 2023 could well be the year models anticipate more than most.

There are several reasons why this summer could be a bumper one – and not just for anyone connected with the modelling industry. Let’s look at three points that make summer a favourite season for most:

1. The weather plays a crucial role in people’s happiness. Whilst us Brits have no illusions that daily sunshine is guaranteed, even a few days of balmy conditions can increase vitamin D levels and can influence the trigger of serotonin – the hormone that boosts mood and creates a general serenity.

2. Most holiday plans are realised in summer – an enjoyable reward for hard work put into the first half of the year.

3. The mornings are brighter earlier, and daylight in the evenings longer. This natural fact cannot be understated: longer daylight hours means there is more scope for al fresco activities. Eating and drinking outside for a few months creates a more pleasurable, relaxed atmosphere…even if it’s at home and not a glass of the local Greek wine, or in a beach-side Spanish restaurant. Summer is the perfect time for simple pleasures, so enjoy them whilst you can!

For models, this summer could hold the key for long-term careers. Additionally, it could be the impetus for novices to finally push aside their aspirations and actually make things happen.

Many brands postponed campaign shoots because of the pandemic. Perhaps this summer will present to models more work than ever, with companies catching-up with their marketing projects. Models have continued to thrive in the face of adversity, but fasten your seatbelts for this summer – it could be the best yet for models!

Just as Bryan Adams sang about the “Summer of ‘69”, models could associate the “Summer of ‘23” as the most influential of their career. To which we say: strive to better yourself both at work and in your personal lives, and enjoy the ride! Exciting times, for sure.