School prom – the highlight of the year and the perfect time to take modelling shots

You’ve looked forward to the school prom all year and now it is nearly here!

Perhaps you have already chosen your dress or your suit – and you’ve probably made plans with whoever you intend to go with about what will happen before and after.

Many young people head off in a group together – sometimes in a limo, party bus or even a fleet of taxis.

There may be parties before and after the event – and, of course, the prom itself promises to be nothing less than the most fun and your friends have had for ages.

After all, you’ve probably been studying for exams, completing courses and handing in your final pieces of work in recent weeks.

However the big event turns out though, one thing is for sure – you are going to look absolutely amazing!

So why not make the most of the opportunity and get some superb new modelling shots?

Those of you already modelling with us here at Models Direct can upload these to your e-portfolios.

They will bring a touch of glitz, glamour and sparkle to your collection of photos.

Those considering joining us, why not think about including a prom shot or two with your application? They could be the icing on the cake in getting you started.

On the big day itself, consider the best place to take your photos.

We would always suggest doing so before the event begins – while you are still looking fresh-faced and immaculate – and somewhere not too cluttered and busy looking.

Ask your mum, dad, sister or brother to take a few pictures in the garden perhaps, just as you are leaving.

Practise posing in lots of different ways in your prom outfit, then in the days afterwards you will have a nice wide selection to choose from.

Make sure you are looking at the camera, that the images are not too bright or too dark and that we can see you clearly as you pose in all your finery.

The school prom really is a one-off event and it’s important to mark it with some good photography.

So why not share the experience with us and with our clients?

And, you never know, those could be just the photographs that see you standing out from the crowd when the selections are being made for all the autumn modelling assignments we will soon be finding models for.