Plus size modelling

Big is beautiful!

Our plus size models have been in huge demand for years, and with good reason. Models should have confidence in their own physique, and confidence in their work. No more is this more evident than in our array of vivacious plus size models, which reflects the industry stipulation that plus size models are crucial for many commercial modelling assignments.

The key point for plus size models to consider is that clients look for “real people” just as they do for particular models, such as hair models, hand models or mature models.

Take a quick stroll around town or along a local high street and it’s obvious that the general population is represented by all sorts of people. Tall, short, male, female, young, old…human beings are probably the most diverse animals on the planet! So why shouldn’t clients need every kind of model to fulfil a growing mixture of modelling jobs?

Commercial modelling is different to fashion modelling. Catwalk models are largely stereotyped and have one purpose: to show off latest designs from fashion houses in a bid to attract buyers. Commercial modelling is what we excel at, and plus size models are very important to us and our clients.

Female plus size models tend to be size 16+. Brands are always looking to expand, and to attract a larger core audience. Therefore, in recent years, they have been looking to appeal to a large proportion of the British public: the curvy, “everyday”, fabulous crowd who want to see clothes that fit them…not just designer clothes that don’t appeal to them.   

Oh, and when we refer to “plus size models”, we are definitely not excluding the gents. We have many males with larger hips and broader shoulders that we’ve placed in several assignments and, like the females, the number of plus size male models has increased steadily. This can only be good news, as it means that brands are waking up to the fact that we are all different in one way or another.

The number of plus size models reflects the industry demand. Likewise, the shift in culture, awareness and typecasts means men and women with a fuller figure are often in pole position for modelling jobs – we should know, and the facts speak for themselves. No longer are plus size models in the shade!  

We appreciate that a dynamic, bubbly personality is a wonderful asset in the commercial modelling world, and you should bring your individuality to the fore when applying with us. It goes a long way, and clients often remember models because of their personalities – it’s not just about the looks!

Big is most definitely beautiful, and we enjoy putting our plus size models forward for modelling jobs throughout the UK. We’d love to see old and new models of a certain size realise their dreams and  become successful models. Plus size models are a big plus, so what’s stopping you?