Making your ePortfolio summer friendly

ePortfilos are a model’s personal promo, and they serve as their number one asset in relaying their looks to our clients. We always advocate models to keep ePortfolios as updated as possible, and there are several reasons to keep them current. If you’ve been intending to update it but never got round to it, don’t delay! Procrastination is not your friend!

Fortunately, summer is a season where proactivity usually increases. Is it the “spring in the step” of those who crave sunshine, with serotonin levels at their peak? Maybe some individuals find it easier to stay upbeat and positive when the mornings are lighter and the days longer. Everyone’s different, though it’s a good bet that the majority of us tend to accomplish more when we’re in the right frame of mind – and summer usually brings out the best in us.

So could now be the right time for you to focus on your portfolios? Certainly they should be updated more often than once a year, so make sure this summer you get yours done to give you the very best chance of scoring a few modelling assignments. It can only help in the long run!
A bit short of tips to make your ePortfolio relevant for summer? It’s a good job your no.1 modelling agency is here to give you just that! Before you read our tips, keep in mind the main reason for a current portfolio: to help prospective employers (our clients – and us) know your strengths and what looks they can expect from you. Right – ready for the summer? Here we go…

1. Check the light. It’s great to be able to film reels and take eye-catching snaps in glorious weather, but be aware of shadows and high intensity glares associated with the sun. Experiment with taking photos in the shade, using reflectors and finding the best angles.

2. If you enjoy changing your hairstyle often, remember that sunlight can affect the way your locks look. UV exposure can deteriorate hair proteins, causing them to look less than healthy.

3. Most iPhones have pretty good quality filters installed on the camera. It’s personal preference, but “dramatic warm” is a popular filter for outdoor, summery shots. Avoid “vivid” filters as they can reduce definition in the sun.

4. By all means wear accessories such as hats and sunglasses, but don’t let them detract from the purpose of your portfolio: we want to be able to see your eyes and your hair, and any other features that could bag you that next modelling job!

5. Suntans are great – but they do fade, and we like to see current photos of you. So a good tip is to make a note of the date the photo was taken, so our clients can assess whether you are likely to still have a tan in time for the assignment. Of course, suntans are not a prerequisite for jobs, but it could help our clients.

6. Timing is everything. Most photographers agree that the best times to take out the camera in the summer is before noon and after 4pm. Try to avoid harsh, direct sunlight. If it’s a nice day, the sunlight should be perfect during the above times.

Don’t leave it too late to refresh ePortfolios. The more accurate they are, the better the chance that you’ll be picked for one or several of the hundreds of jobs we have. We like (and insist that) our models try to help themselves, too. Every little helps, and it starts with your portfolios! This summer could be the springboard for plenty more assignments, so get cracking!