I’m in My 20’s, How Often Should I Update My Pics?

You’re looking to top up your modelling portfolio and want to know how often you should be doing this. It’s a fair question, and Models Direct will answer it for you right here…

When you’re giving your portfolio a seasonal spring clean, it’s really important to get it right. The light, the background, the mood, the setting, the angle and you being the focus of all the attention are features to consider when snapping images for your modelling career. Your young age could mean a frequent switch in dress code, different hues illuminating your hair, a change in makeup style, and any additional tattoos and/or piercings you might have credited yourself with.

Recharge your portfolio every six months

We know that being in your 20s means a lot is happening, inside and out. You’re finding your feet, paving a way for your life to begin with independence. Your goals and aspirations are at the forefront of your young mind and you’re learning more about the world and yourself every day. The learning and journeying through life never stops, mind you, just the same way you’ll look different at each stage of your journey.

So, our modelling agency recommends that if you’re a model or a soon-to-be star, you’ll need a new set of images every six months or thereabouts if you’re in your 20s. This point is really important to remember, and we kindly remind our thriving community of amazing models about this regular turnover of images.

Behind our ePortfolio

Our models’ ePortfolio is a feature our agency extends to all our models whatever age bracket you fit in. We put you (or parents and guardians of those under 16) in control of adding, deleting, and updating images. With it being exclusive to our MD agency, this portal is also accessible to our clients, giving them VIP access of all models’ portfolios that we’ve put forward for them to view based on their model criteria. Therefore, old images may prove obsolete for clients who are looking for your current look. That said, older images are important in their own right for clients to see your versatility as an individual evolving over the years of your modelling career and your personality.

Images are an excellent means of capturing a moment in time and you’ll want to ensure that yours are of the best quality demonstrating your modelling poses, expressions and experience.

Models Direct know that life is busy. You’d think with all of our super speed electronics for ease of communication and performing daily activities would offer us more spare time, it can sometimes feel quite the opposite. But you can use your phone’s reminder functionality to your advantage when it comes to reminding yourself that you need to take your six-week interval snaps and upload them online, so no excuses.

Another thing we needed to add is that your online images with Models Direct are secure and inaccessible to anyone else other than our expert modelling team and reputable clients who are looking to book a model for their marketing campaign.

Bottom line: Keep it current, keep it fresh and keep it rolling every six weeks for up-to-date images that will get clients heads turning and noticing you in your 20s!