How Often Should I Update My Child’s Pictures?

Hello, hello, MD readers! Our team is bringing another blog for all of you who have clicked on this reading.

So, how often should you update your child’s pictures on their ePortfolio? We’ll answer that…
Right here!

With Models Direct, your child model (aged 2 to 12) will need a portfolio update every three months, please. We know how quickly children change – they’re growing, developing and changing rapidly. It’s not as fast as the speed of light but we’d say pretty close!

Major growth spurts

You might’ve found every couple of months shoes aren’t fitting the same, particularly those must-have school shoes (and then you contemplate holding it out for out-of-school pairs). Or those trousers you recently bought your junior model are looking a touch shorter or maybe last year’s jacket (which you could’ve sworn was two sizes up so you didn’t have to buy another one for the next winter cycle) is being squeezed into.

Ah! The joys! Don’t get us wrong though – we love that our younger generation is growing up but on the flip side we know the pain of having to continually update their wardrobe. It’s expensive! Sorry to add, but a bit of a headache too, especially now that they have their minds and know their preferences.

You’re in control of your child’s ePortfolio

When you’re updating your little model’s online portfolio, it’s your space to add to their collection and keep it lively and current. You’re in control. It might seem like a little hard work to keep updating it every three months but as we all know, hard work pays off! If there’s one way of increasing their chances of being noticed, it’s here!

We drop gentle reminders

Our modelling-savvy team have seen throughout our 33-year history in the modelling industry that our talented models get booked when they’re keeping their ePortfolio and measurements all in check. We do send out gentle reminders because we know how life goes – you can quite easily forget, and that’s fine – that’s why we’re here!

So as a heads-up, update your kiddo’s images every three months on their ePortfolio. Think about how you can incorporate current seasons, styles and trends into their collection to keep it fresh and current. If there’s been a significant change in their growth within the last three-month cycle of submitting pics, then keep them coming in!