Here Comes Autumn: Ways to Boost Your Mood

As summer has drawn to a close, the autumn feeling is setting in. With the wind picking up and leaves falling, there are ways we can give our spirits a boost and create a positive mood.

Our models who are on the go, travelling to and fro assignments, can follow through with the handy tips and tricks. Models Direct – the UK’s top modelling agency – have something to share with you…

We’ve got some simple TLC steps which you can take forward and incorporate some well-deserved time to self-care so you don’t forget to value yourself and how you may feel come the chillier days and cold nights.

1.Run a bath 

Having a bath is the perfect end to a busy a day – in case you don’t have one, run your shower instead. This little treat helps to elevate your mood whilst helping you to relax more, easing any muscle tension and promoting better sleep so you can recharge your batteries for the next day. 

2. Aromatherapy candles 

Having a scent run through your home is a lovely way to uplift your mood. Candles create the right ambiance and are a little source of fragrance jam-packed with infusing the tones you love. 

Aromatherapy candles in particular are great for creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and we’ve spotted a dual functioning candle which you might like. NEOM Organics Tranquillity is an intensive skin treatment candle. Yes – you read that right! How does it work? It’s a specially formulated candle which has been designed to be poured over your body after use! So you can get your room smelling delicious and then have the candle wax drizzled over parts that need a little extra oomph. 

3. Diet & Exercise

We are all so busy it can be difficult to make sure you are eating a nutritious diet, but what you eat and how you feel are very much connected. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol will of course give you that instant lift that you may be craving, but with that will come the low, try and limit how much of these bad things you consume and balance it out with the good stuff. Vegetables, wholemeal carbs, fruit, juices and and of course plenty of water! For an instant mood boost try some gentle exercise, it’s easier in the cold weather to snuggle down, but wrap up and take a walk or a run outdoors and you will definitely feel the benefits.

4. Read a book

Now, at this point we would have said apply a face mask or treat your skin with lotions and potions to which both you can do. But reading a book? Yeah, why not? Libraries have opened up again (be sure to check with yours before you venture out as they may have restricted timings) which gives us an excellent opportunity to grab a book and read. This is another positive way of lifting your mood and you never know, you might find something you can’t put down. Again, with reading, it helps you to relax and unwind, and opens a world of imagination and knowledge.

So, how about it? 

Also, it’s a great filler when you’re travelling or on breaks. Whichever category of modelling you belong to or are breaking into – female modelling; petite, plus-size, curve or sportswear, you’ll benefit from this simple activity. 

Try out our three simple mood boosting tips and let our social media team know how you get on!

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