Does modelling cost money?

The simple answer is that “no” you should not have to pay to take part in any single modelling job but “yes” there might be some small costs along the way.

As a government-regulated and accredited employment agency, Models Direct has a good understanding of what models should and should not be paying.

Firstly, be very wary of paying out a huge sum of money for professional photographs, with the so-called added bonus of free membership to an “agency.”

Many of these individuals and organisations are not legally allowed to call themselves agencies as they do not actively seek work for their models.

What many do instead is to simply post the photos online and hope that a client somehow stumbles upon them.

Only legally verifed, employment agencies, such as Models Direct can seek work for their child, male and female models.

We do this every single day, which is why we have such a long list of impressive clients that we work with on a regular basis.

Should I be paying for professional modelling photography?

This is very much a personal decision, but no, you really don’t have to.

At Models Direct, we are very happy for you to send us or upload good quality pictures you have taken on your smartphone.

Of course, you are very welcome to send us professionally taken images too if you have them, but this really is not a necessity.

But if you do go down this route, please, please shop around first to make sure you are being charged a reasonable amount.

Should I pay for a professionally made showreel?

Again, we always say to our models that this is not necessary, especially if you are only seeking part-time work.

There is software available on phones and laptops these days that can help you to put a showreel together yourself.

If you have a lot of professional material to include, however, and you are really seeking to forge a career in modelling or acting, then do investigate the costs for this.

Do your research, talk to others who have paid for showreels and – again – shop around.

Do reputable modelling agencies charge a joining fee?

Yes, most genuine agencies will charge you an initial admin fee for their services.

This is to cover the costs of appearing in their work seeking publication.

At Models Direct we charge a reasonable, one-off, admin fee to cover the entire duration of your three-year contract with us, there’s alot of hard work behind the scenes.

If you are selected by a client for paid work with us, we will reimburse this fee to you.

Should I be paying agency fees on an ongoing basis?

Once you have joined Models Direct you will have no more fees to pay for the duration of your contract.

A percentage of the overall fee charged for the entire photo shoot or assignment, of course, goes to the agency. This is how all agencies work. But you won’t notice this.

We will negotiate a fair fee for you with the client and then discuss this with you before you decide whether or not to accept the job.

How much can I expect to pay out in preparation for each modelling shoot?

At Models Direct, we don’t expect you to pay for anything for a shoot.

Our client may ask you to dress in a particular way for a shoot – but these will be clothes that you already have in your wardrobe.

Likewise, you might be asked to bring along your normal make-up or accessories.

Anything you do not already have will be provided by the client on the day of the shoot.

Any travel or accommodation costs should also be reimbursed and you will be given food and drink during longer shoots.

For a greater insight into the way we work and the paying jobs we send our models on, read our reviews and blogs.