Discovering Summer Makeup Trends

Question: What’s forecasted to dominate the makeup scene this summer?

Answer: Simple but bold and colourful makeup trends

Models Direct has been scouring through the digital sphere to pick up the popular, trends but easily achievable and inexpensive looks set for this 2024 makeup collection which those of you who are at the ready-to-become-a-model stage or already on our books, can add to your portfolio hub. So from the fashion world with industry giants such as Givenchy, Dior and Mui Mui, through to mags like Vogue and Glamour, and of course lots of TikTok scrolling, here are the trends MD has picked for you to try out too! Let’s go!

Espresso makeup

Speaking of TikTok scrolling, #EspressoMakeup has over 52.3 million hits and Hailey Bieber’s favourite fall lip tint was…espresso! Even though it was last season’s emerging coffee-inspired look, straight after caffeinated vibe – latte makeup – which ran with gorgeous golds, caramel and mid browns, espresso is luxuriously rich with dark browns, it was only natural to move onto another coffee fav.

We’re talking deep brown hues around the eyes, lots of coated black/brown mascara and black/brown winged eyeliner smudged to create a grunge effect. 

Who loves coffee? We do! Who loves the new espresso trend? We do!

Office siren makeup look

Here’s a powerful office look which is setting the trends on fire (not in a bad way, by the way!). Yes, the office look has been around for some time now but it’s had a reboot and this time, it means more than mixing the obvious monochrome combo apparel. For makeup, we’re looking at sultry, feline eyes. It’s all about extending the eye shape outwards, not up and downwards. No eyeshadow, and no going crazy with mascara and lashes with this look though. Half lashes for a lifted effect can be a great option for this trend.

Natural tones for the cheeks (another makeup trend) paired with a moody 90s style of nude lip orrrrr…

Ombre lipstick

Sharp lip pencil on standby, please. The ombre effect has been on the lippy scene for several years now This summer, it’s set for those rich chocolate shades perfect to pair with both the espresso and office siren looks. We’ve been watching tutorials and it’s simply gorgeous. Like with anything new, practice is key but when you know how, it’ll be an achievable goal. The ombre effect is an upleveled look from the 90s taking on darker lip liner plus lip gloss.

Red lipstick

If you want something different to the ombre look then the classic red lipstick is still a big movement trending in the makeup scene. Less around the eyes and again natural tones on the cheeks, you want the red to be the focus of this trend. Simple summer fun!

Cool blue eyes

With the minimalistic looks that have been popping up, here’s another one: cool aqua-blue shades around the eyes, accompanied by light cheeks and natural lips. This subtle deep dive has summer written all over it. Whichever blue you’ve got in your makeup kit, blend it slightly further past your tear ducts, swoop and blend slightly past the outer corners of your eyes missing the area beneath your eyebrows so that it’s not too overwhelming.

Your Instagram will be heating up with makeup feeds this summer. It’s set to look colourful, chic and sultry. If you’re ready to try some out, or maybe you already have, don’t forget to update your portfolio with your dazzling pics!