A guide to pet modelling

We’ve always laid out plainly how we operate, and that includes the types of models that can be successes – and there are many over the years.

Everyone knows that companies need models to increase their advertising potential. Models are essential – as they should be. But not a lot of people realise that pets are valuable to brands, just as humans are. They can’t speak and their talents are limited, but that doesn’t diminish their effectiveness. Pets rule!

Lots of readers will know that pets are extremely sought-after by our clients. Some will no doubt be thinking why pets can be models at all. They’re not the obvious choice, surely?

You’d be totally wrong to think along these lines. Animals are one of the most desired types of models we have on our books. It’s not so much of a little-known fact as a truth that pet owners should know.

Pets represent different qualities to humans. Different, but not so dissimilar. Animals portray human characteristics in a subtler way, appealing to our thousands of clients. Most people know this from the countless adverts on a multitude of media channels, from TV, newspapers, magazines and social media channels.

And why wouldn’t pets / animal make for effective marketing? Everyone loves them, so they can relate to them almost on a personal level. Both cats and dogs have millions of “likes” globally on TikTok, elevating their stardom with their perky charms.

The first thing pet owners should know is that there are plenty of modelling opportunities for their four-legged friends. We’ve placed hundreds of pets with clients, strengthening campaigns and boosting their marketing prowess. There’s never a slump in demand, so we look forward to placing more pets this year.

Owners should also be aware that jobs are varied. Take the lovable chihuahua Stud Muffin for instance. He bagged his owners a very nice £300 for modelling groovy items for Punky Fish jewellery. We’ve had a group of kittens modelling for Cat Collection magazine. Pet-owning Bond fans will be interested to know we’ve also put forward cats for a Bond themed photo shoot for The National Lottery. As you can see, it’s not just the standard pet food brands and retailers who ask us for the perfect pets. There are opportunities galore. 

Any pet can be the star of the show. Dogs and cats are the most popular choices, though that’s to be expected. But that doesn’t mean that other pets can’t make it in front of the cameras – rabbits, for example, have worked with Superdrug, and we’re sure that the diversity in modelling animal species will continue.

It helps having dogs that can respond to commands, and for cats to be bold when dealing with strangers. Our clients are used to working with animals, and we place an animal’s comfort ahead of any other aspect of animal modelling.

We encourage owners to take their pet’s favourite toy to the shoot, as well as treats and other home comforts. Taking the stress out of a pet assignment is an essential part of a successful shoot.

Creative cats, adorable dogs, cute bunnies…pets owners can apply here for the first step to pet modelling stardom. The next step is for our team to take a look at your pet’s star qualities. It could be the start of a perfect professional relationship.