Reasons for Keeping Pets

Your pet may already be a successful animal model – perhaps your cat has featured in a photo shoot or your pup has been key to a film or television project.

Or maybe you are considering putting your favourite furry or feathered friend forward to become a model?

Even if this is true, however, there could be many other very important reasons that you have brought your perfect pet into your life.

Today an estimated 50 per cent of the UK population own a pet of some kind: approximately 26 per cent of us have a dog, while 24 per cent own a cat and two per cent have a rabbit.

And, according to research, there are lots of different justifications for keeping creatures in our homes.

  1. Companionship

Pets of all kinds can be great for companionship and can reduce a sense of loneliness. Dogs, cats and even rabbits can keep you company and may well enjoy being chatted to. Even a rabbit, bird or fish could be a great sounding board when you want to off-load!

  1. Fitness

Having a good reason to go out every day for at least one long walk is why many people consider keeping a dog. Taking your furry friend for stroll will help you to keep fit too. But even keeping smaller pets can keep you active around the house as you care for them, groom them, clean their hutches and put them out into their runs regularly.

  1. Well-being

Research has shown that pets can help with issues of self-esteem and reduce stress. It is thought the stroking action could have a calming effect and that playing with a pet could increase feelings of happiness.

  1. Safety

Those living on their own may well consider keeping a dog for safety. Burglars are less likely to break into homes with dogs and having a four-legged friend on the end of a lead may also make you feel less vulnerable while you are out and about.

  1. Making Friends

It is a well-known fact that dog owners greet each other and sometimes stop for a chat while they are out and about on their daily walks. Cat owners often chat too over the garden fence about their purr-fect pets and those keeping other more unusual creatures may well join online groups and forums where they can discuss their animals with others who are passionate about similar pets.

  1. Learning About Life

Keeping a pet can be a great experience for children for all sorts of reasons. Having to feed, groom and exercise a pet can teach them about responsibility while caring for a sick animal and experiencing the death of a much-loved furry friend may help prepare them for loss in later life.