Can Your Pet Take a Selfie?

What happens when you cross a curious bear and a wildlife camera? Bear selfies!

Models Direct took a double take when we read the latest headline last night about a Colorado bear accidentally tripping a wildlife camera and taking 400 super cute “selfies.” We have to admit, we wondered how it happened and had the widest smiles whilst reading the article. Putting our phones down, we thought we’d fire up our next blog about whether an animal could really take a selfie. Well, it’s wishful thinking but this beautiful did!

According to the report, one motion-detecting camera based in Boulder’s open space and mountain parks took up to a whopping 400 out of 580 snaps of the same bear after she triggered it. It’s believed she must have just been passing through when the gadget caught her eye. Her curiosity and innocence were captured, with some amazing footage and awesome selfies because let’s face it, that’s what they are. If you get a chance to see them, check the one where she’s poking her tongue out! Now, unbeknownst to the black bear, she’s become a global star!

We’d like to think she knew what she was doing but it’s a shame we can’t communicate with her in bear language – we can at least pretend she knew exactly what she was doing, eh?!
As for all those with pets or our readers who love animals, we love animals too! That’s why we have a specialised modelling section dedicated to pets alone! It’s all about our star pets! We love this niche; it’s thriving and buzzing with new pet applications coming in frequently but let this not deter you, should you be thinking about your adorable pooch or pawlicious bear becoming a pet model with MD.

If you’re wondering what our agency looks for in pets, we’ll fill you in here:

To have natural inquisitiveness just like the Colorado bear is a great trait, and this could be beautifully translated on camera.

A calm and attentive nature are also great characteristics because there might be times of large crowds and noise that might be overwhelming so if your pet is chilled, it’ll make the process smoother.

Any daredevils that like to explore the world, like pressing a camera button and striking a pose for a selfie? We’re just kidding but isn’t it funny when you scroll through your camera feed and see your little one’s feet pop up, their hands waving, the top of their head or a 10-minute vlog you never knew about? Imagine the next image happens to be your pet blowing a raspberry or flashing its teeth?!

We have a soft spot for animals and in particular, this Colorado sweetheart has melted our hearts too! This beautiful story truly captures the essence of an animal’s inquisitiveness which can certainly go a long way, particularly in the modelling industry. Tell us any pet selfie stories you might have. We’d love to hear from you (or your pet, if they beat you to it!)