Baby Modelling – A Competitive Business

Whose heart doesn’t melt when they see a gorgeous baby looking all cute and cuddly on screen, in a picture or on packaging? 

And that is what the advertisers count on!

As adults, our natural instinct is to be drawn to babies – to want to love them and look after them – and that is why they all look so adorable.

Baby modelling is therefore always in extremely high demand!

Clients ranging from major supermarkets to food producers, clothing lines and baby item manufacturers are always clamouring for new cuties to use in their campaigns.

As a result, we at Models Direct are always on the look out for beautiful bundles of joy to put forward for assignments.

And among our own clients are the likes of Tesco, Mamas and Papas, Pampers, Next, Kit for Kids and British Lion Eggs,

But eager mums and dads have to understand that baby modelling is a competitive business and that to see success for their tiny tot they will have to work hard on their behalf.

This is because, despite the strong demand, there are lots of parents out there who would love nothing more than to see their offspring become model babies.

In order to succeed, therefore, it is important to stand out from the crowd.

1.     Firstly, it is important to send us the right kind of photographs.

Make sure they are clear, sharp and against a plain background; do not use any filters or try to edit or enhance the images in any way.

Ensure your baby is clean, not over-dressed and is wearing an outfit that is simple in colour.

Take lots of shots and then select the best ones.

2.     Secondly, you need to update your photographs regularly because babies grow and change at an incredible rate.

If you want your little one to succeed in junior modelling, you have to be sure that the pictures we have genuinely reflect the way he or she looks at any given time.

This means taking new shots every few weeks and uploading them just as regularly.

3.     Finally, tell us about any successes.

Once your baby has completed an assignment, make sure you tell us about it, give us your feedback and update your baby’s e-portfolio.

Then, when we put your bouncing bundle of joy forward for other assignments, our major clients can then see just how fabulous he or she was for the job.

So, if you think your baby could cut through the competition and make it in the modelling world, find out more about what might be required.

Then contact us to tell us all about them!