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Welcome Back Annie!

The Models Direct team are super excited to be able to welcome female model Annie back on the books!!

During her time with Models Direct Annie has been successfully selected for numerous assignments ranging from bridal shoots to commercials, her experience and professionalism is impressive and we are delighted to be her agent once again!

Annie is a professional dancer so has a variety of skills and is very used to performing to an audience, she has lots of energy and a good understanding of the industry with the ability to be very diverse with her roles and portray different characters.

Below are just a snippet of final images and commercials that Annie has worked on while being represented by Models Direct – here’s to many more Annie!!


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Booking models with Models Direct takes one call!

There is a huge demand in the industry for commercial models ‘real people’, that is the market most businesses are targeting so it makes sense to use commercial models in their advertisements.

In the advertising world there is a growing desire to embrace diversity, therefore attracting a wider demographic of people. Models Direct has a wide range of talent on their books and a busy dedicated assignments team working every day to reach out to new clients while also maintaining relationships with existing clients.

At Models Direct, we have a varied portfolio of men, women, child, baby and pet models and can find the perfect model for your latest campaign. We are Europe’s number one modelling Employment Agency and have been successfully finding many models for businesses, brands, events, fashion shows and photographers for more than 20 years nationwide.

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Model Direct’s “Noah” is the boy with no brain

How did the boy with no brain land a star role in a Christmas TV Commercial for a leading supermarket brand and feature in a documentary on Channel 5? The answer is with true determination, love and support from his family and friends and a little help from Models Direct modelling agency. Read the story of Models Direct’s Noah, an incredible little boy, who continues to defy the medical profession.

Noah Wall age 3 Portofio pictures, clothing supplied by NEXT


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Models Direct

Models Direct

The UK’s leading government-regulated modelling Employment Agency, Models Direct have been established for over a decade operating in the UK and European modelling industry. We are an employment agency specialised in finding modelling work for the men, women, children and even pets on our books. Clients approach Models Direct and have access to the profiles of our models to choose the right model for their needs.

The modelling business is bigger than ever with more and more products hitting the shelves and a constant need for people to represent them in every type of medium. Models Direct have hundreds of jobs every month and models for every client’s need. As a regulated Employment Agency Models Direct are allowed to find work for models and talent. Other agencies without this accreditation should be avoided at all costs.

Models Direct

Female modelling is possibly the biggest market segment Models Direct cater for. The demand for female models is consistently growing year on year and its popularity among women appears to follow the same trend. Most women keep up with the latest beauty tips for their own feel good factor and many don’t realise the opportunities that modelling holds.

Male modelling is also becoming increasingly popular with the rise of the likes of David Gandy and Robert Pattison becoming role models for the fashion-conscious male. Models Direct have a constant need for male models of all ages and the Jobs Board hosts all the latest gigs on a daily basis. The average man is more concerned about style and fashion than ever before and this has opened up the male modelling segment vastly.

Models Direct assign a modelling coordinator to each model and each model also has their portfolio arranged for their profile. Every time the profile is viewed by a client an email is automatically sent so you can keep an eye on what jobs might be coming your way! Setting itself apart from others in the industry with a dedicated team of real people who know the business, Models Direct have only survived in this competitive industry because of constantly proven success stories. Modelling is not the only talent segment that Models Direct cater for and there are always jobs for actors, dancers, singers, musicians, entertainers, and anything talent related you can think of. Watch the video below and if you still want to know more, head over to our website to get in touch.


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