What should I take to a modelling assignment?

Everyone is likely to be nervous when attending a modelling assignment, whether it is their first booking or not.

So, in order to help you prepare, Models Direct have put together this useful checklist of what you should take along with you.

To further calm your nerves and ensure you feel relaxed and ready on the day, why not get everything ready the night before?

  1. Information 
  • Write down the details of the modelling assignment, including the address, contact name and possible contact phone number for the client
  • Take a contact number for your modelling agency too (in case there’s a problem)
  • Take a map or make sure you can find the address on your mobile phone satnav app
  1. Your phone
  • Make sure this is fully charged and has all the relevant numbers in it
  • Pack a phone charger
  1. Travel necessities
  • If you have booked a train or bus ticket in advance, check you have it with you
  • If you are driving, plan where to park and fill the car up with petrol in good time
  • Investigate any possible travel delays due to traffic or problems with public transport – take details of alternative routes with you
  1. Clothing
  • Check what you are supposed to wear and make sure it is clean and ironed
  • Take a spare set (or even two) of clothing if possible
  • Make sure you have suitable shoes
  1. Props and accessories
  • Bring along any props that you have been asked to bring
  • Perhaps add an extra scarf or two, a selection of your jewelry and a pair of glasses
  1. Make-up and hair
  • Ensure you have your make-up bag
  • Bring your hairbrush and any hair products
  1. Food and water
  • Pack a sandwich and some snacks
  • It is also a good idea to have a bottle of water with you
  1. Extras
  • Why not bring a book or magazine with you in case you have a long wait?
  1. For children
  • When taking children to an assignment pack a few extra snacks
  • Consider bringing toys, books or screens to keep them entertained