Top tips to achieve the ideal snap shots!

The talent industry can be a confusing and daunting world for an aspiring model/actor/singer, so how do you get an agent to notice you??

The most important factor is self presentation….

  • How do you want the industry to see you?
  • What sort of assignments/work do you want to be considered for?
  • Do you look yourself in your pictures?
  • Do you stand out to a prospective client or casting director?

All of the above are factors you need to consider when submitting an application to an agency. More often than not a client will select talent from photographs only, not all request castings or meetings in person, so it is essential you are getting the best from the photographs that you are be promoted with!

At ModelsDirect we suggest it is NOT essential to have a professional portfolio to be successful in the modelling/talent industry – these are costly, staged and date quickly, however it is very important to send in good quality snapshots, selfie’s and family pics are NOT ideal!!

Here are some hints and  tips to think about when choosing what photographs to submit to an agency:

  • Do not have other people in the photograph, it should just be you in the frame.
  • Photographs should be well lit, clear and in focus, to achieve this take the pictures where there is lots of natural light.
  • Try and look as natural as possible so we can see the real you, makeup should be kept to a minimum – less is more!
  • Include a head shot and a full length shot.
  • Do not submit nude images.
  • Wear clothes that reflect your style and character – be true to yourself!
  • Hair should be clean and styled.
  • Include any photographs from assignments or modelling shoots you may have previously done.
  • Selfie’s are generally not ideal as its likely the angle will be odd, please ask a friend or use the timer on your camera/phone.
  • First impressions are everything in this industry, you are responsible for how the industry perceives you!

Here are a couple of examples of ideal application photographs we received at Models Direct of talent who have been successfully promoted by us and received work within the industry.

deborah-natural   anne-orchard-natural