Models Direct’s Tips To The Perfect Pose

If you are not an experienced model then being infront of the camera can be very daunting! Posing may appear natural and look simple, but there’s a lot to remember when creating the perfect pose!

The team at Models Direct have put together their top tips to help you feel more confident infront of the camera, resulting in the perfect pose!

1 – Turn your shoulders

Don’t stand with your shoulders square on to the camera, this will make someone appear bigger, it is much more flattering to turn, so one shoulder is away from the camera and you are slightly turned to the side.

2 – Chin forward

Whatever our size or build, when we stand up straight everyone naturally brings their chin in, towards their neck, this will create a slight double chin, which isn’t ideal! This is our natural stance, to avoid this, lift your chin and ears forward, towards the camera, this will elongate your neck and create a stronger jaw line. It won’t feel natural, but the results will be alot more flattering.

3 – Upper Arms

This is an area of our bodies we may not give alot of thought to, however when being photographed more often than not it’s our upper bodies that will be the focus. So when modelling for a photographer remember to lift your arms slightly away from you body, this will stop them being squished to your torso and possibly looking larger than they actually are.

4 – Waistline

Everybody wants to look the best they can in a photograph, particularly when modelling for a client or a professional photographer, so to accentuate your waistline twist it slightly towards the camera and ensure there is space either side between your waist and your arms, this will avoid any additional visual bulk to be added as you will clearly see space between your waistline and your arm.

5 – Legs

Sometimes we forget our legs, we are so preoccupied with what to do with our upper bodies, but they are very important to think about when modelling. Always keep your legs long, lift your hips and tuck your bottom in, this will improve your alignment and posture. It’s best to put one leg slightly infront of the other so they are staggered, this will stop them being straight on to the camera.

This all sounds like a lot to remember and it is, however like anything, the more you do it the easier it will become. If you are selected by a client and contacted by Models Direct for an assignment, then just take a few minutes to practice these things infront of the mirror, that way you’ll become more aware of yourself and what works for your body!