This Seasons Trends for Junior Models

Children are largely resourceful, but they don’t often pick out their own clothes. This is mainly the parents’ responsibility, and there can be quite a bit of pressure when it comes to selecting fashionable junior clothing. If nothing else, other adults may comment on a child’s fashion sense, with scorn directed more at the parent than the child. Sometimes you just can’t win, eh?

But help is at hand, courtesy of Models Direct. Now is just the right time to peruse online stores, with traditional “non-essential” shops reopening in England on Monday 12th Apri. …Oh, the joy of entering a “real” shop to deck your child out in the latest fashions for a hot summer (again, optimistic at time of writing – we’re all hoping this will actually happen, though).

But before you skip into the high street shops or enticing department stores, it’d be a sensible idea to have in mind the trends for the little ones this summer. Children’s fashion doesn’t have to be the be-all-or-end-all, but at least you can have a sense of smugness knowing your child is the best-dressed in your town!

Baby wear

  • Animal prints – let your baby crawl on the wild side by decking him/her in clothes depicting animals of all shapes and sizes.
  • Clothing made from recycled fabrics – controversial to some, but perhaps COVID has made us realise that the planet needs looking after.
  • Sunhats – the bigger the better!
  • Hand-me-downs – word has it that an older sibling’s clothes for babies are in style this summer.

Childs wear

  • Colourful sunglasses – because black is just too dull. Instead, opt for red, blue, green or yellow rimmed sunnies for the ultimate in summer cool.
  • Rolled-up denim shorts for the boys.
  • For the girls, dungarees over cotton T-shirts will fit the bill perfectly.
  • Unisex styles are also “in” for summer 2021 – after all, we live in a world that embraces diversity.
  • Ankle socks and modest pumps – achieve the best suntanned pins with this combo, but don’t sacrifice comfort or overindulging during the hottest times of the day (usually 11am-4pm).

It’s natural for parents and children to yearn for the latest fashions. However, as mentioned, it doesn’t have to be the most important feature of a glorious summer. The key is to enjoy yourself, and look out for each other. After a horrendous few months, we should all revel in the freedom offered by beaches, parks, woodlands, outdoor sporting venues – or simply by walking around!

When you’re considering what your child will be wearing this summer,  think about another thing: child modelling. Though children are not objects, many companies rely on them as marketing tools to reflect many things: innocence, humour, rebirth etc. Quite simply, some companies may just need a child to model child’s clothes.

From a parent’s perspective, the key to child modelling is engaging the child in fun and safe environments, where social skills could easily develop. Oh, and they’ll be a cheque at the end of the day.

If you would like us to consider your child for modelling assignments, please have a look at the two links below: 

It could be the best summer ever for many different reasons – for both parents and their adorable children!