I’d love to be a commercial model – what do I do?

Who wouldn’t want to be a commercial model?

Though it’s a far cry from the glitz of high-end fashion catwalks, commercial modelling is more genuine – and probably more enjoyable. There’s glamour as well, just not parading the gaudiness in front of potential buyers. The world of catwalk modelling has its place, though there are few similarities between the two.   

Commercial modelling brings more of a sense of accomplishment, working with brands who’ve selected successful models after we’ve put them forward. We urge all registered models to keep up-to-date with news and latest trends, updating eportfolio images and information to give themselves the very best chance to go far in the industry.

What other things can models do to become a commercial model? Read on, models… 

1. First and foremost, let’s reiterate the paragraph above and dispel myths that commercial modelling work is the same as high-end fashion modelling. It’s not. A commercial model works with different brands to appeal to the general public in various assignments, including photo shoots, acting jobs and short films. Whilst there can be height restrictions in catwalk modelling (and even restrictions in general appearance and facial features), commercial modelling is open to everyone. We’ve placed a whole host of models in jobs over the years, from babies to mature models, disabled models and family models. Our models succeed in print advertising, TV and film, as walk-ons and extras…just about any job in which a brand requires a “real-life” model.

So, the first thing to consider if you’d love to be a model is that it’s a genuine prospect for everyone. Forget catwalks, and forget height restrictions. Once you know that commercial modelling has little in common with catwalk modelling, the better.

2. The second thing to do is to research the industry. All / any knowledge will benefit models in the long run. Our website isn’t just a resource to browse the latest jobs, read modelling news or  peruse our extensive client list; it’s a comprehensive resource to discover more before applying to register with us. Absorb everything!

3. Third, but none the less important, is to manage your expectations. Modelling is competitive, so models can’t expect to be chosen by clients immediately after registering with an agency. Some of our models have been selected by clients only after a few days or weeks, so it does happen, but this doesn’t apply to all models.

4. Which leads us to finding a reputable agency. It’s a sad fact that there are some disreputable ones out there. We’re the leading modelling employment agency in Europe and we’re regulated by the government – meaning we adhere to all the rules and regulations relating to any employment agency. It’s heart-breaking to hear aspiring models being charged for photos or submitting applications only to discover the “agency” never had any intentions of finding the models work right from the start. In short, they are scams. It’s another reason why models should conduct research before doing anything else. No wonder thousands of models trust Models Direct.

5. Once you’re confident about the modelling industry and processes, you can turn your attention to perfecting poses and experimenting with lighting and backgrounds for effective photographs.

6. Use social media to discuss modelling experiences, and to upload modelling reels.  You can also do this on your Models Direct portfolio. Keep at it, and don’t rest on your laurels. Our clients like to be told when models change their look, and they’re keen to know models that are proactive.

When you apply to us, we don’t require professional photos. All we need is the relevant information filled out on our website form and two clear headshots – you can use your iPhone. We’ll then be in touch to discuss your application.

Hopefully, before long, you’ll be joining the rest of our happy models – and there are thousands of them!