How does a ring light help my photographs?

Models should always experiment, tweaking their looks and improving their photos. We’ve discussed at some length how stagnant photos limit a model’s chance of being chosen for assignments by clients. Models need to be one step ahead of the game, looking for the best ways to stand out. Albert Einstein is credited with the quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The great man had a point.

Ring lights are a great addition to any modelling armoury. They allow a model to modify photos and reels, assessing the best backgrounds to produce the most effective images and films. 

Ring lights have become more popular in fashion photography during recent years. That said, they’re nothing new. Ring lights were first used in the 1950s in dental photography – specifically to capture well-lit photos of patient’s teeth. Using fluorescent lighting, they were perfect for dentists to get up close and personal. Say “Cheese!”

Nowadays, ring lights are usually composed of lots of LEDs. This allows a more constant power source. Also, they are more energy efficient and last longer.

Why are ring lights so popular among fashion-conscious users? They make a big difference, with thousands of positive reviews posted regularly on websites and social media. We reckon the following points highlight how ring lights will become the must-have modelling tool this year and beyond:

1. They are brilliant at enhancing and emphasising details, which is probably the most useful feature for models. As opposed to filtering (which we don’t recommend), a ring light’s circular shape allows users to focus on specific details which results in sharper photos and images in reels and short film.

2. Ring lights tend to reduce shadows.

3. The light emitted by ring lights give out a more even, soften illumination. This particularly helps with enhancing the user’s complexion whilst highlighting key features like eyes.

4. Users report that ring lights are fantastic when taking close-up pictures. They’d work perfectly for hand and feet shots.

5. Ring lights can simply be an alternative to more traditional lighting, so obtaining the optimum levels of light is easier, quicker, and no doubt cheaper.

6. Several trends were seen during the pandemic, and this applies to ring lights. They became fashionable during the pandemic due to the growth of social media – especially TikTok. If you’re making a short film to boost your ePortfolio, some designs can be clipped to Smartphones – great for Instagram reels and selfies.

7. Most ring lights can be used with interchangeable coloured light bulbs instead of the regular white ones.

8. Sizes and models differ, although a basic model is relatively cheap compared with the end results.

Here’s two of our favourites;

KNAMKY USB LED Desk Lamp (Colour options: black/pink/silver)


PEYOU 12″ Selfie Ring Light, 60″ Floor Tripod and Mini Tripod

Ring lights could well be the future of DIY fashion photography. If dentists “saw the light” way back in the 1950s, it’d be a shame if you didn’t try them at least once to enhance your photos.