Family Models: Secret to Modelling Success

As I was walking through my local supermarket this morning, I decided to take a trip up the travelator to explore more than just my usual early morning grocery shop. It’s not every day I recognise real-life models that are on the large display screens in supermarkets but I was amazed to see that one of our very own family models, Coral Goulding, was looking right back at me with her trademark natural smile. This got me thinking about her career with our agency – Models Direct – as a family model.

Coral’s taken part in lots of assignments with her husband Ali and gorgeous pearls, Sufi and Ava. Alongside the Golding’s, we have so many family models who get booked.

What’s so great about family modelling? Well, we’ll give you insider info…

Family modelling is a fantastic opportunity for families to do something more than just eat in and binge watch Netflix series and movies. Even though our world is changing where we are pivoting more towards IT and indoor activities, modelling remains a thriving profession with plenty of outdoor and indoor work. If you’re part of a family modelling unit, you’ll know that it’s a great way to collab together, bringing out the best in each other’s modelling skills and being rewarded for the time spent on the job.  

Our top clients know that the camera picks up the love, bond and security within the family and translates this beautifully for marketing and advertising. Plus, it’s a much easier process to get models booked in once a client selects their look. Not only this but with the social bubble restrictions, family models needn’t worry as if they are already part of the same household, they can mix.

We have worked on projects in the past where our models have been selected to pose as onscreen or camera confident families. However, the nature and demeanour of a real family can translate differently to that of models that have been pulled in to act as a family. So, it isn’t so hard to believe that when a family comes forth and presents themselves to us, we recognise them as assets to the modelling industry – for their individuality and uniqueness whilst collectively as a force to be reckoned with.

As a recent ad came to my mind – it was Aunt Bessie’s recent campaign, “Caring is the hardest thing we do.” If you haven’t caught it just yet, you can on YouTube! It reminded me of family, and this is family modelling at its very best! A lovely nan, who is visually impaired, bringing the whole family together for a Sunday roast! It is so heart-warming and inspired by Grey London creative director Chris Clarke’s “Nanna June,” who was certified blind at the age of 16.

This and many other ads – in print and digital, have had families come forward to fulfil a role for prestigious companies. They have turned heads by capturing their target audience and get sales moving along. Whilst reading this blog, are you thinking that you and your family could be in the limelight? Despite the lockdown and restrictions, our agency is still operating and receiving bookings. And since modelling with us will be paid work, you can join us (and if you’re already with us, continue to enjoy being called for assignments).

We’d love for your family to join our family. Make it happen, take a leap, jumpstart a great career and have lots of fun along the way with Models Direct.