Decorating a Room for Babies – Top Tips

Parents of twin baby models know how important it is that each child has his or her own clear identity but how do you achieve it when your little ones share a bedroom?

We all know babies get fidgety pretty quick and thats why twin babies are often used in filming to get as much film time and continuity as possible.

Twin babies often start out sleeping in the same room to make life easier for their parents – and to keep each other company too.

Whether your twins are the same sex – or whether you have a baby girl and a baby boy – there are plenty of touches you can bring into their nursery or bedroom to help with their learning and development. 

Start by choosing a neutral shade for the room as a whole. This will enable you to add to add individual touches pertinent to each twin baby or toddler.

Neutral does not have to mean plain white, however. Why not opt for something to brighten the space up a little, such as a shade with a hint of blue, green or yellow?

Then define a space for each of your little ones: this is where their cots and later their beds will be situated.

Choose different bedding (or when they become toddlers with their own firm ideas let them help you choose!) for each of them.

When they are babies, this could simply be a very different colour but as they get older you could use this as an opportunity to reflect their individual interests.

Source duvet covers and pillows with their favourite storybook or film characters on them for example.

You could also choose a large cushion or beanbag to go beside the bed for you to sit on with them one at a time when you read them each a bedtime story of their choice.

Remember, bedding and soft furnishings can be changed easily as they grow older.

Position a set of shelves on each twin’s side of the room. 

To start with, this can have their baby books and toys on it but as they get older, allow them to choose what they want to keep here and to arrange the shelves as they wish. 

Even as toddlers they will enjoy taking things off and repositioning them and, as they grow into pre-school children, being able to make decisions help them develop a sense of control over their own space.

Finally, consider mounting a large blackboard – or painting a sizeable square of blackboard paint on the wall – near their bed or set of shelves.

Again, when they are babies, you can decorate this for them but, as they get older, give them the freedom to use this area as they wish to individually. 

They can scribble, draw and later practise their writing here.

Their creativity will develop from a young age and you will also be allowing them the opportunity to express themselves as individuals right from babies up to young children.